Former Blu3 Singer Jackie Chandiru Bounces Back In Music Industry

Former Blu3 Singer Jackie Chandiru Bounces Back In Music Industry

By Frank Kamuntu 

Musician Jackie Chandiru has had issues with drug addiction for a couple of years and last year she almost committed suicide while in a rehabilitation centre.

Towards the end of 2019, it was reported that the former Blu3 singer was confined at Naguru hospital and was in a very terrible condition. 

Jackie Chandiru in her fine form

Well-wishers like promoter Balaam Barugahara and Mesach Semakula came on board to help raise funds to clear medical bills for Chandiru, who reportedly owed the hospital  a lot of money. However, Balaam’s money was rejected by Chandiru’s family members, who reportedly took over catering for her wellbeing.

Shortly thereafter, the former Blu3 star, who had been in and out of rehab, had disappeared from the scene last year after her health had deteriorated.

Chandiru after recovering

However, she is said to have  been secretly flown out of the country by her Dutch husband Nol Van Vliet, to a rehabilitation centre where she has since fully recovered and regained her robust self.

Apparently he took her out of the country so that she could get specialised medical treatment which she could not access in Uganda. 

Basing on her recent posts on Instagram, Chandiru is now in good health again, which she attributed God for reviving her health. 

Jackie Chandiru as she looked then

Through her instagram page, @jackiechandiruofficial she posted three pictures of herself looking healthy and captioned them; “Best thing to hold onto in life is God’s love”.

Chandiru’s fans were excited to see her looking and feeling better and were quick to welcome her back with so much joy. 

Chandiru and hubby Nol Van Vliet on their wedding day

“Its done, the prayers have worked, and this is the moment we have been waiting for,  You will livee for long my dear Diva Jackie Chandiru Eyaa” one of her fans commented.

Another fan commented “Am Soo happy to see you again my Jackie, God’s love is precious hold on to it”

According to insiders in the Chadiru’s camp, she said that she is out of rehab now and asked her family to let her concentrate on what she loves most – being a musician!

Word has it that she is already in studio working on her latest single, which she will unveil very soon. an accessible web community

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