Former Masaka Mayor Ssemwogerere Dies At 83

Former Masaka Mayor Ssemwogerere Dies At 83 an accessible web community

By Hanning Mbabazi

Former Masaka Municipality mayor, Gerald Ssemwogerere has passed on.

Mzeei Ssemwogerere died of high Blood Pressure and heart failure on Tuesday evening September 10 at Byansi Clinic, Masaka.
“Doctors have told us that he suffered a heart attack which led to his death,” said John Kawanga, a cousin to the deceased.

Ssemwogerere, 83, who served as Masaka mayor between 1992 and 1996 is remembered for bringing on board and implementing the installment of the first set of street lights on the streets of Masaka town even before turning into a Municipality.

Godfrey Kayemba Afayo, the current Mayor Masaka Municipality, has eulogized the deceased mayor as a hardworking man who tirelessly developed Masaka after it had suffered destruction during the 1979 Tanzanian invasion.

According to Kayemba, although Ssemwogerere wasn’t elected by the public, he was instrumental in improving service delivery and development in the war torn town.

Mzei Ssemwogerere has left a legacy as one of the richest men in Masaka sub region, owning a number of assets including shopping malls, rental houses, chunks of prime land and petrol stations not only in Masaka Town, but also in Kampala and Mukono.

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