Former Ntv Staff Arrested Over Human Trafficking

Former Ntv Staff Arrested Over Human Trafficking an accessible web community

By Ronaldo Kalangi

Chief executive officer of Global Skills International, Journalist turned businessman  Dean Saava Lubowa well known as Dean Tazan Prince is detained again at CPS Kampala on offenses of human trafficking and obtaining money by false pretense.

Twelve girls claim he took their money on pretense that he was to get jobs abroad, but he disappeared thereafter. Eight others who ended up in Middle East are stranded.

“Dean deserves luzira prison kubanga muyaye, mubi ate mufere, yes am Dean’s victim, we were 32 in number 20 boys and 12 girls he told us he had already secured us jobs and we were going to work immediately. We traveled with him to Dubai but after a week we wouldn’t see Dean any more, he traveled back to Uganda and left us in Dubai with no food, no where to sleep and without jobs, mean while he gave us one month visa with no return ticket so time came the visas expired we had to ask for money from our ancestry homes to buy tickets so that we can come back home and some people are in over stay now because they could not afford to buy a ticket back home. in brief that’s what happened but for sure its a very long story to tell. after collecting not less than 5m from each of us some gave him 7M, 8M kati bwengamba Dean mufere mbamusobya?” Atugonza Marion said.

Dean Saava Lubowa is the former News reporter of NTV Uganda, NBS, Delta TV and CBS FM senior Journalist-turned business man, Dean Lubowa Ssaava is the current CEO of Global Skills International. The Uganda Police Force is holding him for human trafficking and obtaining money by false pretense.

This is not the first time Police is holding Dean Lubowa, in March this year, the same gentleman was arrested and detained over similar charges. an accessible web community

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