Fort Portal Mayor Sex Scandal; Man Of God Was Framed By Greedy,Rival Politicians

Fort Portal Mayor Sex Scandal; Man Of God Was Framed By Greedy,Rival Politicians an accessible web community

By Our Reporter

Investigations into allegations that the Fort Portal Mayor Rev. Willy Muhanga Ateenyi was this week nabbed pants down with a married woman have proved that the man of God is innocent and was framed by his political nemesis who want his seat cum 2021 by hook or crook!

The dot-by dot report which finally exonerated Rev. Muhanga was independly and clandestinely carried out by our on ground spy who evesdropped the greedy politicians late chest thumping after their dirty deal.

On Monday evening, Fort Portal town and social media were awash with allegations that Rev. Muhanga had been netted in a compromising situation in his office with a married woman only identified as Martha.

It was alleged that Martha’s husband, Marvin Amon Balya had, with his friends, found her in Muhanga’s office at around 7:30pm allegedly having intercourse and that Juicy Martha was hissing, calling Mayor Muhanga her only suitable farmer and her his only garden. As if that wasn’t enough, according to them they had Martha giving away Tooro Kingdom land that houses Karuzika palace to the man of God free if charge!

However, our investigations have since discovered that it was a pre-meditated act meant to soil the Mayor’s image in the public and also impoverish him so that he is unable to stand for upcoming elections.

Martha who was in Rev, Muhanga's office
Martha who was in Rev, Muhanga’s office

We have reliably learnt that people who claimed to have witnessed the act were simply basing on imaginations,,,,’what if this man of God got hold of Martha at 8pm, how would the clouds looklike….bla bla’. They’ve actually since given varying accounts on the same.

For instance, audio clips that were recorded and shared on WhatsApp by one of Balya’s friends who is also the Kabarole district councilor representing one of the Divisions in Fort Portal, claims that Balya broke the door into Muhanga’s office and found the two naked, eating the forbidden fruit. However, when our reporter went to the office, it was foundout that the door was still intact and there were no visible signs that it had been broken, repaired or tampered with.

In another video clip that has been widely shared, the Kabarole Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Steven Asiimwe, is heard saying that after finding Muhanga in a compromising situation, he intervened to take him to police. However, when our reporter contacted Asiimwe to clarify on whether he found Muhanga having a sexual intercourse as it’s being alleged, he simply brushed it off and said he was busy and that the Mayor himself was in a better position to tell what happened.

Jospesh Ndamira Musirikale, the councilor representing Nyabukara ward in the Fort Portal municipal council, is also heard in the darkened video making calls to some people explaining to them,but no one confirms that indeed they found them in the act. Finding two consenting adults seated in office at night can’t not simply tantamount to having sex.

“One could have expected them to atleast carry either Martha or Mayor’s under wear as exhibits to police,” one leader at the district was quoted asserting. an accessible web community

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