Fortebet Rewards Lira, Luweero Customers With World Cup Freebies

Fortebet Rewards Lira, Luweero Customers With World Cup Freebies an accessible web community

By Samuel Opio

Punters in Wobulenzi, Luweero and Lira Towns over the weekend ‘tasted’ Fortebet’s World Cup (W/C) special offers to its clients. The offers were in form of gifts which were given out in all the four Fortebet branches including Lira Main, Lira Dillane House, Lira and Lira Teso Centre, as well as Luweero and Wobulenzi branches.

a punter displays a phone he won from Fortbet by betting

Over 200 customers that were found at the respective branches received instant gifts from the world’s sports betting giant. Gifts included; Fortebet pens, wristbands, caps, T-shirts and European teams’ and national teams’ jerseys.

“We have done this right from the start of this world’s most prestigious football event, the world cup,” said John Nanyumba, Fortebet Media manager, while handing over gifts to Fortebet customers at Lira Main branch. He added thus; “To show our sincere appreciation, we have not only decided to say thank you with the said gifts but also give out the grand gift to one of you. This is none other than a new Tecno F2 phone”.

All punters that had evidence of having placed a bet took part in the draw for all the gifts. The draws were conducted inside the respective branches.

That was not all, Fortebet did not only give out gifts to bettors but also searched for young football talents gave them footballs to up their talents!

“You are aware that Fortebet has been very instrumental in promoting and supporting Uganda’s football industry. It is on record that fortebet is 100% committed to supporting the growth of young talents. That is why we give out these balls,” said Nanyumba.

Balls were given out at St. Ann Kihura P/S, Lira Modern P/S and the famous Northern Rock Academy. Other pictorial evidence bellow…..

kids who were given free footballs to practice their talents. an accessible web community

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