Differentiate Between Armored & Bullet Proof Car: Frank Gashumba Lectures Ugandans About Bobi Wine’s Vehicle

Differentiate Between Armored & Bullet Proof Car: Frank Gashumba Lectures Ugandans About Bobi Wine’s Vehicle

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Kampala: Frank Malingum Gashumba, who is famous for riding every latest silk rides around town that land on planet earth has offered some free lectures to Ugandans, clarifying that Bobi Wine’s newly acquired ride is not armored,but bulletproof car, creating more confusion among the average Ugandans, especially boda boda riders who vend ‘lugambo’ alongside their known errands around town.

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Gashumba, CEO of Sisismuka Uganda, a youth-empowerment platform, says Bobi Wine knows well that armored cars are a preserve of security l and must be cleared by security to enter into the country, unlike bulletproof cars which can be acquired by everyone who has money.

“I believe the President of Uganda Museveni is the only person with an armored car in the country, armoured cars are for security and heads of State. Bobi Wine has a bulletproof car but not armored as the public assumes,” Gashumba lectured.

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Frank further clarified that if Bobi’s car is armored as opposed to being bullet proof, and was not cleared by ministry of defense, then investigations must kick-off and verify how it entered because that would be a threat to the security.

“For an armored car to enter this country, it must be cleared by the ministry of defense with justifications as to why you need to have an armored car, but any able person can own a bullet proof car, it’s your money that decides,” explained Gashumba.

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An armored car is made of world-class quality and certified ballistic steel and layered with high protection certified armored glass, providing protection against ammunition with suspension and brake system reinforced with heavy-duty kits and comes with a wide range of upgrades and accessories as per client requirement.

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