Fresh Details On Shs 100b Police Money Scandal Emerge

Fresh Details On Shs 100b Police Money Scandal Emerge an accessible web community

By Our Reporter

Fresh details have emerged on how embattled Police boss Godfrey Bangirana, now under probe by the IGG’s office depleted the police institution into Billions worth of losses.

Until recently, the untouchable head of the Force’s Logistics and Engineering Department ,TheSpy Uganda  has reliably established that Bangirana has been inflating police deals and projects to the benefit of a few of his inner circle and himself.

Now, whistle blowers who earlier on caused the IGG’s office to institute the investigations against him have unearthed another loop where the wealthy Bangirana and his group have been exchanging police land with developers without proper laid out procedures for one to acquire police land.

Police in the days of Gen Kale Kayihura started a practice of dishing out police land in up town market places for bigger but less expensive land elsewhere.
There was also a practice of paying contractors with land allocations as it’s expected that the contractor of police headquarters in Naguru was paid in kind with a chunk of police land worth billions in Bugolobi.
This follows Bangirana’s summons to face the Inspectorate of Government to explain the exorbitant cost at which a junk helicopter was repaired at a cost of Shs10bn.

Also issues of interest by the IGG was the procurement processes where police has now accumulated a debt of over Shs100Bn it owes to different service providers.
“He has superintended over gross procurement flaws that have not only affected the police force but also the various suppliers who have various contracts with the force,” a letter addressed to the IGG dated 25th,August, 2018 read in part.

“He endorses for payment only to friendly companies or individuals. He is the man behind the fuel scam where he paid billions of shillings to petrol companies and had his proxies fetch police fuel but also sometimes going through back doors to pick physical cash from the fuel stations,” the IGG letter sent by a concerned citizen reads in part.

When contacted last week, the public relations officer in the IGG’s office, Ali Munira confirmed that Bangirana had been summoned.
She said that the officer had appeared and was still expected as investigations continue.
She however refused to divulge what had transpired saying we wait for the report.

Initially the letter complained that most annoying was recently when he left out many supplier companies and individuals who demand billions of shillings from the police and decided to selectively approve payment of the sister of senior military General (names withheld).
This year, police launched an old chopper at Kajansi at a cost of Shs10bn a figure which was highly contested.
Mr. Bangirana is also challenged to explain how police lost billions of shillings of money to the public who were endorsed to consume police fuel for their private activities yet in some circumstances, police patrol vehicles did not have fuel.
There are also questions of at least 4000 guns that are said to have illegally ended at Kabalye Uganda Police training school.

Justice Julia Ssebutinde in a Police Probe, pointed fingers at him and the concerned citizen who wrote to the IGG wants all this revisited.

“I think it is important you investigate the selective payment methods. You may also need to take a keen interest in the wealth accumulated by Mr. Bangirana. Has he declared it? Can he account for such wealth?” the IGG letter questioned. His directorate is considered the most corrupt in the police force.

Questions about the cost of the construction of Nateete Police Station are also being raised where no official cost was pegged to the works but knowledgeable sources say it was billed at sh 100bn a cost which is highly contested. an accessible web community

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