From Grace To Grass: Celebs  Who Landed In Hot Soup Over Debts

From Grace To Grass: Celebs Who Landed In Hot Soup Over Debts

By Spy Uganda

Several celebrities in Uganda have landed in deep trouble as a  result of failing to service their debts and or clearing them within the stipulated time set by the lenders.

As such, many of them have lost property which they staked as collateral security, while others have ended up in jail.

Although the list is long, here are some celebrities who are cursing why they ever borrowed money or failed to service their debts;

Bryan White

Flamboyant socialite Brian Kirumira aks Bryan White was arrested last week and caged at the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) in Kireka, over a Shs160m debts he owed Captain Mike Mukula, who sold him a Mercedes Benz but he paid part of the money and failed to clear the balance. It was until after his arrest that Bryan White managed to cough Shs140m for Mukula before he was released.

Bryan White

But even then, his other creditors like tycoon Yasser Seguya Matovu also instructed bailiffs to seize Bryan White’s others vehicles which include  Range Rover and Toyota Lexus, accusing him of having failed to fully clear their outstanding balance. Bryan White, who made headlines after dishing out money to ghetto youth, politicians, scribes and other Ugandans is currently cursing why he never used the same dime to clear his debts.

Jack Pemba

 This self-proclaimed tycoon became something else in Kampala because of the lavish lifestyle he used to live. Pemba, who had a fleet of very expensive vehicles, was the darling of most city slay queens, events and musicians, because of the way he often splashed money in bars and at public functions. Using his dime, Pemba managed to feast on top musicians like Desire Luzinda, Angela Katatumba, among others.

Jack Pemba

However, it was not long before the cash taps dried up, which made Pemba disappear from the social limelight. It later turned out that Pemba, who claimed to be a gold dealer, had borrowed hundreds of millions of shillings from tycoon Godfrey Kirumira, which he failed to pay back.

Soon Pemba started playing hide and seek whenever Kirumira demanded for his money. When he failed to pay, Kirumira instructed his bailiffs to attach Pemba’s swanky rides which included a Lexus, Mercedes Benz and a BMW.

Meanwhile, Pemba also landed in trouble after being arrested for allegedly running a cartel of fake gold dealers, who had fleeced millions of shillings from foreign investors and Ugandans through gold scams. After losing everything he had on Uganda because of failing to pay debts, Pemba fled the country and relocated back to Tanzania.

Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black and Meddie Sentongo

These two were some time back the kingpins of showbiz in Uganda, because of the way they blew millions of shillings in bars, drove in fleets of cars and often insulted people before paying them to shut up. But it later emerged that they had fleeced the money from DaveShan construction company, which Black had started up with her ex-Muzungu lover David Greenalgh, who later got them arrested. Of course they could not pay back the money they had blown so he had to seize all the cars, houses and others valuables they had acquired using the company money.

Bad Black

While in jail, the two also acquired several loans to pay lawyers and make life in jail easier for them. By the time they completed serving jail time both Sentongo were so broke and heavily indebted. Sentongo reportedly fled to South Africa to become a Sangoma, while Black flew to Dubai to vend her Sumbi, until she managed to make some dime to keep her afloat in Uganda, which gave her the courage to return.

Desire Luzinda

The sexy, bootylicious singer is currently in America,  where she fled after life in Uganda had become to difficult for her. By the time Desire fled Uganda she had been arrested several times over debts and  every time she got arrested Desire would be rescued by her ex-lover Juma Seiko.

Desire Luzinda

Desire had incurred loans in millions  of shillings from city moneylenders to bankroll her music career and flashy lifestyle but things later turned around after her career stagnated and the music refused to sell, which made very hard for her to clear the loans, hence landing in trouble.

Justine Namere

She was a popular and sexy TV star until failure to pay debts landed her in big trouble. Namere got arrested early this year after reportedly failing to pay millions of shillings to Traited Brothers Limited, a film recording company which she used to shoot many of her TV shows.

Justine Nameere

After battling with Namere in court but still failing to get their dime from her, the company instructed their bailiffs to attach Namere’s car and other properties, which they would auction to recover some of their monies, although they claim she still owes them.

Wilson Kyambadde

The husband of trade minister Amelia Kyambadde has also tasted the bitter results of failing to pay debts. Kyambadde was last year arrested and caged at Luzira prisons after he reportedly failed to clear over Shs1.1Bn which he owed city businessman Ahmad Khan. ,However, after serving a few months in jail, Kyambadde was released such that he could work hard to clear his debts.

Robert Ahimbisibwe 

This dude was one of the biggest dealers in fashionable clothes and shoes, which he  told at his Select Garments stores in Kampala in the mid 2000s.

Robert Ahimbisibwe

However, it was not long before  Ahimbisibwe realised that he had over-invested in products that very few Ugandans could afford. Soon his creditors came knocking at his door but he could not clear up. Left with no choice, the creditors attached Ahimbisibwe’s stores, his  Mercedes Benz with customised number plates, plus other properties including all the merchandise in his stores. Currently, the Benz is rotting away at Jinja Road police while the Select Garments boss disappeared from the scene.

Maddox Sematimba

He is a popular Ugandan reggae musician who was based in Sweden until he was deported several years back. However, life in Uganda became so difficult for Maddox because he had no way to survive apart from borrowing and living on credit. But soon the people he owed money started demanding for it and when he failed to pay up, Maddox got arrested and caged at Luzira prisons where he languished for days until he was bailed out by Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the ghetto gladiator.

Mike Ezra Mulyowa

He is recalled for being one of the many ‘Kiwani’ tycoons Uganda has seen in the recent past. Mulyowa made headlines after blowing a lot of money in Kampala and giving the Uganda Cranes team a blank cheque, which later bounced. Known for cruising the first Lamborghini in Uganda, Mike Ezra had become a household name, until he got arrested for parading fake dollars during a press conference  which he had  called such that he would show the world how much dime he had. Shortly thereafter Mike Ezra disappeared from Uganda and it wasn’t long before news circulated that he had been arrested and caged in Kenya for fleecing hundreds of millions of shillings from a Kenyan businesswoman, plus some American aeronautics engineers and had failed to refund the dime. After doing time in jail Mike Ezra decided to flee Uganda and his current whereabouts are mystery to many people who used to worship him. an accessible web community

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