Furious Woman Bites Off Husband’s P3nis Over Failure To Kill Notorious Rat In Bed

Furious Woman Bites Off Husband’s P3nis Over Failure To Kill Notorious Rat In Bed

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By Spy Uganda

Zambia: A wife bit off her husband’s penis after he refused to chase a rat out of her bedroom, police said.

Abraham Musonda, 52, from the Zambian town of Kitwe, was allegedly attacked by his 40-year-old wife Mukupa following a row about the rodent.

She claimed the animal was pestering her and became infuriated when she came home from drinking with pals only to find the rat near the bed.

Being  unable to sleep while the pesky rodent was running all over in her room, she asked her husband to get rid of it, it is claimed.

A scuffle apparently ensued when he refused, with Mukupa managing to sink her teeth into his genitals, causing a ‘major tear’.

Bothwell Namuswa, Deputy Police Commissioner for Copperbelt Province, told the Zambian Observer the pair are essentially separated and live under the same roof but separate rooms.

Mr Musonda was rushed to a Kitwe Teaching Hospital for urgent medical treatment following the incident.

This comes after a man was arrested after beating his girlfriend’s son and allegedly cut his genitals with his fingernails, authorities said.

Mohammad Mahmoud Shaar, 26  a resident  of Coconut Creek, Florida, dropped off his girlfriend at her workplace last Thursday before taking her four-year-old son to a babysitter’s home.

Shaar allegedly attacked the boy when he became increasingly upset after his mother got out of the car, according to the authorities’report.

Broward Sheriff’s Office said the baby sitter’s home was only 1.6 miles away from the mother’s place of work, but Shaar took 20 minutes to get there.

The baby sitter said  the boy was crying and shaking when he arrived and Shaar left without giving her any explanation about what happened.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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