G7 Leaders In Panic Mode, Hold Emergency Meeting As Russia Continues To Strike Ukraine

G7 Leaders In Panic Mode, Hold Emergency Meeting As Russia Continues To Strike Ukraine

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By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Following Russia’s intense aerial assault against civilian targets, the leaders of the Group of 7 nations on Tuesday pledged “undeterred and steadfast” financial and military support for Ukraine, and emphasized “severe consequences” for Russia if it were to use chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.

The emergency G7 meeting came a day after Russian missile strikes killed at least 19 people across the country and knocked out waterworks and power stations, plunging cities temporarily into darkness in a tactic apparently aimed at terrorizing Ukrainians as winter approaches.

But the strikes, in retaliation for an attack on a bridge linking Russia and occupied Crimea, did not appear to seriously damage the Ukrainian military’s ability to wage war, analysts said. On Tuesday, Ukraine said that it had shot down numerous Russian cruise missiles, a sign that its air defenses were continuing to be effective against what analysts say is Moscow’s declining stockpile of precision weapons.

Many Ukrainians again sought shelter underground on Tuesday morning after the country’s emergency ministry warned of “a high probability of rocket attacks” throughout the day. By the afternoon, the intensity of strikes did not appear to be as severe as on Monday, although several targets were hit, including three power plants in western and central Ukraine, far from the front lines.

A dozen rockets also struck the embattled southern city of Zaporizhzhia, killing at least five people and hitting a school, medical facility and car dealership, local officials said.

Russian missile strikes have killed at least 73 people in and around the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia in the past two weeks and wounded more than 200 others, the region’s police chief said on Tuesday, making the city an epicenter of recent attacks by Russian forces.

In the last week, Russian forces have launched almost nightly attacks on the city, a major first stop for civilians fleeing fighting further south, using missiles and drones, hitting apartment blocks and targets including an orphanage and a medical facility, the police chief, Artem Kysko, said Tuesday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has given an interview to state TV channel Rossiya 1, in which he insisted that the US have long been involved in the war in Ukraine: “It seems to me that the Americans have been participating de facto in this war for a long time,” Lavrov said.

Commenting on the possibility that Turkey could host talks between Russia and the West, Lavrov said Moscow would be willing to listen to any suggestions and that Turkish President Erdogan and President Putin might discuss this during a meeting in Kazakhstan later this week.

Lavrov also said that those who continually speculate about a nuclear war allegedly being caused by Moscow should realise their responsibility for what they are saying, and that Putin has “repeatedly said that in our nuclear doctrine we regard this as an exclusively retaliatory measure”.

Lavrov added that Russia will not turn down a meeting between President Putin and US President Biden at a forthcoming G20 meeting and would consider the proposal if it receives one.

There have been reports that both Putin and Ukraine’s Zelensky will attend the G20 summit in Bali on 15-16 November, although this has not been confirmed by either the Russian or the Ukrainian governments.

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