General Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko Sentenced To 20 Years In Jail.

General Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko Sentenced To 20 Years In Jail. an accessible web community

By Samuel Opio

Congolese general and opposition leader Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko, 71, was on Friday sentenced to 20 years in prison “ for “undermining the internal security of the state”, after a trial he referred to as “settlement of political scores”.

“The criminal court declares Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko guilty of the facts charged to him,” criminal court president Christian Oba said.

The court also sentenced in absentia seven co-accused including six French and a Congolese for complicity “the offense of undermining the internal security of the State”.

Mokoko, 71 and a former chief of staff of the Republic of Congo’s army, has three days to appeal his conviction for undermining state security following the 2016 election in which he placed third.

The defence counsel for the general, who was once an advisor of long-serving President Denis Sassou Nguesso, had said the trial was “simply a settling of political scores.”

In March 2016, Mokoko won less than a 14-percent vote share as Sassou Nguesso was controversially declared a first-round winner. Sassou Nguesso, 74, has cumulatively spent almost 35 years in office since 1979.

After the vote, Mokoko and other candidates called for a campaign of “civil disobedience.”

But “had he wanted to stage a coup he would have done so a long time ago. General Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko never said ‘take up arms’,” one of his lawyers, Norbert Tricaud, told RFI on Thursday.

“The decision of the criminal court doesn’t surprise us because (the case) all began illegally in violation of our client’s judicial immunity,” Mokoko’s lawyer, Eric Yvon Ibouanga said after the court handed down its decision.

The prosecuting team had refused the defence claim that Mokoko was entitled to immunity as a “dignitary of the Republic”.

French lawyer Gerard Deviller, part of the state’s prosecution team, said that punishment was merited “given the seriousness of the offence”.

Ex-army chief and opposition presidential candidate Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko reacts during his trial at a court in Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of the Congo an accessible web community

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