Go Stand For Prefect In High School, Singh Katongole Survives Lynching At LC1 Elections Over Ballot Stuffing!

Go Stand For Prefect In High School, Singh Katongole Survives Lynching At LC1 Elections Over Ballot Stuffing!

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By Andrew Irumba

Former Rubaga North Member of Parliament Singh Parmindar Marwaha Katongole who is also former deputy treasurer of the ruling NRM party on Tuesday survived lynching by angry Makamba Zone, Rubaga Division residents who allegedly caught him ready handed, embarrassingly ballot stuffing in the Village local Council 1 elections where he is a contender!

The former legislator who lost his MP seat to Hon.Moses Kasibante through a court battle in 2011 over election malpractices and lack of academic papers chose to stand for LC1 where he still faced stiff competition. At local council elections no qualifications are required.

The exercise was however cancelled after voters became rowdy and angry over the former Mp’s conduct and forced election facilitators to call it off and took off to the nearest banana plantaion for their dear lives. According to angry voters on scene, Mr.Singh was among other malpractices registering ghost voters from his home and dishing out money.

He was also accused of ferrying voters from other villages to allegedly come and vote for him leading to a scuffle and the nullification of the exercise.

Mr Katongole was standing against the incumbent Chairperson Ms. Proscovia Lukwago for the position.

Even running on the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party ticket and deploying convoys and music systems as part of his campaign trail couldn’t salvage Mr Katongole from stiff competition that resulted into him deploying unconstitutional means to win the election, according to eye witnesses.

Mr Katongole was in 2016 denied the ruling party flag ahead of general elections on grounds that he lacked proper academic credentials for which Moses Kasibante kicked him out of parliament.

Some residents went on their social media and posted; “Very useless Katongole,how can he want to be an LC1 Chairman from MP? He is soo desperate for leadership at his level,he can even now contest to become a head prefect! He is stooping toooooo low”

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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