Go To Hell! Furious Minister Amongi Bashes City Leaders As KCCA Takes Over K’pla Markets

Go To Hell! Furious Minister Amongi Bashes City Leaders As KCCA Takes Over K’pla Markets

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Ministry of Kampala and metropolitan affairs has Monday announced the disbandment of management and leadership associations of all city markets and abattoirs in Kampala. This development has been confirmed by Minister Betty Amongi while addressing journalists at Uganda Media Center in Kampala.

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It’s worth noting that on September 25, 2020, President Museveni ordered for the immediate disbandment of association leaders from all government markets in Kampala in order to pave way for the election of new leaders by the vendors themselves under the supervision of the Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs.

Minister Amongi revealed that this move followed a vast outcry from market vendors/sellers and those operating in abattoirs in Kampala who said they are being charged multiple fees/taxes leading to loss of profit and that they are being charged inflated rates for utilities.

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Therefore, to curb the above challenges, Minister has revealed, “The Associations have manipulated vendors and hijacked management of the markets which were handed over to all vendors to own and operate.”

She added, ”The Ministry of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs has established an inter-ministerial committee comprised of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Ministry of Local Government and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) who have studied the issues raised by the President and an implementation road map has been made to the effect.”

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According to the new directives, KCCA will, with immediate effect, take over direct management of the KCCA markets and abattoirs by deploying Resident Management teams which will comprise of a market master or abattoir master and three support staff from Directorates of Revenue Collection, Public Health & Environment and Administration.

“This team will be charged with the day-to-day running of the market and shall be responsible for other functions,” Minister said.

The committee will also collect dues, fees and charges from the vendors in accordance with the existing laws and instruments, ensure that trade order is maintained in the market or abattoir at all times and handle grievances arising out of the law and order enforcement.

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The resident management teams will also ensure that public health regulations are observed, ensure cleanliness in the market/abattoir at all times, operate and maintain the public toilets, manage and collect solid waste.

KCCA management teams have also been assigned roles such as managing the day-to-day affairs of the Market/abattoir. They will also maintain cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene within the markets and abattoirs.

Other functions will include exercising general supervision and oversight over the affairs and operations of the market/abattoir, Keep a verified and updated database/register of vendors in the market or abattoir operators.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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