Go Trade Your Sumbi Freely: Court Throws Ntagali’s Side Dish Out Of Marriage

Go Trade Your Sumbi Freely: Court Throws Ntagali’s Side Dish Out Of Marriage

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Court has allowed a member of the clergy to divorce his wife on account of having had an extramarital affair. Judith Tukamuhabwa had an affair with former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali. The court ordered the estranged wife to stop using her husband’s name henceforth.

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This ruling was delivered at Kabale Chief Magistrate’s Court which gave Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe the go-ahead to divorce Ms Tukamuhabwa on account of infidelity. Tugumehabwe filed a cross-petition after his estranged wife petitioned their court to dissolve their marriage. During the petition, the wife demanded that all the family property be shared between them, accusing her husband of harassing and assaulting her.

In his cross-petition, the Reverend disclosed that since the solemnisation of their marriage, his wife had repeatedly committed adultery with different men. He added that one of his wife’s lovers confirmed publicly on Twitter account @bishopntagali that the two had an affair.

Rev Tugumehabwe also told the court that he “suffered public embarrassment” due to his wife’s repeated affairs, most notably the former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali. During the ruling, Grade One magistrate Racheal Tabaruka said that the cross petitioner had successfully proved beyond reasonable doubt that his wife was in the wrong. “A decree nisi is granted, dissolving the marriage between the petitioner and the respondent,” she ruled.

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She further ruled that the estranged wife should stop using her former husband’s name for her identification or any other transaction.

Ntagali’s adultery scandal came to the public in January 2021 when incumbent Archbishop Reverend Stephen Mugalu suspended him from performing priestly duties -noting that the Church of Uganda sees adultery as immoral as homosexuality and that they cannot shy away from their commitment to moral standards.

Mugalu argued that none of his members was “clean” but noted that church leaders who went astray must be punished. He urged the church’s over 13 million congregants in the landlocked country to join hands in prayers and repent amid the cheating allegations.

Ntagali later confessed and thought an apology from Anglican bishops, selected priests, and Christians who gathered at Namirembe Cathedral to mark the 60th anniversary of the Church of Uganda self-governance.

“On Christmas Eve 1974 as a young man I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I still love the Lord because he has loved me and I have loved to serve him over the years. Sadly, I fell into the sin of adultery and I confessed to the Lord to forgive me and I want the church to forgive me,” he confessed.

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”My brother bishops, all our partners, brothers and sisters in the vineyard of the lord, the entire church of Uganda and all our partners all over the world. I apologize to Reverend Christopher and his wife Judith. I want to remain closer to Jesus. I want to continue standing on that solid rock,” apologized the man of God.

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