Gov’t Spokesperson Opondo’s Penis Enlargement Advice Breaks Internet

Gov’t Spokesperson Opondo’s Penis Enlargement Advice Breaks Internet an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo a.k.a OO, who is also the Executive Director of the Uganda Media Centre, has literally broken the internet after taking it upon himself to share Penis Enlargement tips to who cares to listen.

Opondo, who is generally known to often times discuss political affairs and other matters of national importance, shocked many of his twitter followers  on Wednesday, when he shared a post about a study indicating that walking barefoot  can help men increase the size of their Whoppers!

”Kojja’ Ofwono Opondo’s tweet about Penis Enlargement

He tweeted thus; “Did you know that by simply taking your time to walk barefooted can significantly increase the size of your penis?! Yes walking on the natural ground with your bare feet for thirty minutes a day would give you one inch per year ballpark,” he tweeted.

Canadian researchers who spent two years in the Democratic Republic of Congo trying to burst the myth of natural penis enlargement went back home with newfound length and girth. Back in 2014, they thought maybe it has something to do with the nature of the soil in Congo.

To their surprise, Canadian men who tried the method in Canada were blessed with new inches too. The real science behind this is still a mystery. The traditional healer in DRC who had been prescribing this to men for years said it is the gods’ gift to men so that each man will be able to satisfy their wives.

According to the healer as soon as a man hits puberty stage, every step he takes barefoot counts. He also warned men not to be greedy because they would reach a point where the blood in their body is no longer enough to sustain a full erection.

One of Opondo’s followers offered him an alternative

John Powell who is one of the first Canadians to use the method back in DRC, says he will never walk barefoot for the rest of his life. “What I have right now is appreciated by my wife and I don’t think to be greedy will end well. I am quite grateful and I believe I have had my share from mother nature,” Powell said.”

However, Opondo’s tweet about penis enlargement has attracted several comments from hundreds of his followers, many of who are trolling him.

Here is what some of them tweeted in reply;

Moses Baguma: Humorous!Rolling on the floor

Someone should be laying a bed for you in a certain safe house.

Nick Twinamatsiko: I guess that also increases the size of underwear that one needs. The bigger the underwear, the higher the cost. The higher cost, the stronger the temptation to cut corners.

#WashYourHands(Thank You Lord)Purple:

Instead of addressing such issues O.O should be looking into matters that are affecting Ugandans

SOLO KING: Now I understand why you stole the underwear! It was exactly your size to hold your heavy weapon yet it was too scarce on the Ugandan market. Oooh poor OO, you used to walk from Kisoko to Tororo town barefoot. NRM scientists are doing great work indeed.

Prosper Tumukunde: I know a certain mad man around Mbarara streets who walks barefoot, naked now I know why he amazes pipo with his size. Damn.

Huey’s Quest: @OfwonoOpondo

is this the gov’t position or just you taking interest in this field of science?

Elie mihigo @OfwonoOpondo

Hope u can tell now who is adolescence



 an accessible web community an accessible web community

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