Gov’t Injects 1.4Bn In Kampala Crime Preventers To Boost Security Ahead Of 2021 Elections

Gov’t Injects 1.4Bn In Kampala Crime Preventers To Boost Security Ahead Of 2021 Elections an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda 

Kampala: As the 2021 general elections pressure hits up, the National Crime Preventers’ Forum (NCPF) that was on the bench over its deadly and brutal acts against Ugandans is now back on the streets to mobilize support for President Yoweri Museveni and ensure security ahead of the 2021 polls.

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The deadly group has not only been brought back to exercise what they know better but has also have been given huge sums of taxpayer’s money among them including the greater Kampala group that yesterday received up to Shs 1.4 billion from the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) on grounds of using it boost their small businesses.

The group that was under the leadership of Blaise Kamugisha a known boy who worked under Gen Kare Kayihura’s dubious commands has since been taken over by the President’s brother Gen.Salim Saleh in a bid to shape them into law-abiding servants but also fire brutality out of their hearts.

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Meanwhile, earlier this month, the president gave crime preventers instructions to embark on his campaigns, under the political leadership of Capt. Mike Mukula and the military leadership of the commander of reserve forces, Lt. Gen Salim Saleh who is their patron.

Gov't Injects 180M In Kampala Crime Preventers To Boost Security Ahead Of 2021 Elections
Crime Preventers During A Meeting At Club Obligato In Kampala Yesterday 

The 1.4 billion were received during the Wednesday meeting at Club Obligato in Kampala, all 18 Crime Preventer in greater Kampala received Shs 10million each, during the meeting, the crime preventers were also briefed on foundational security and their role in society as they participate in productive activities.

The crime preventers forum was instituted back in 2013 by then Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, as a paramilitary outfit meant to foster efforts against the rising crime levels in the country then. The IGP introduced the outfit alongside the concept of community policing to increase neighborhood watch and vigilance something that didn’t work out.

President Museveni last year said the crime preventers are a reserve force composed of those people who have responsibilities at home like married women and men whom he said cannot be taken away from their families but rather trained to help detect crime in their respective areas.

“These cannot go away from their families for a long time but can undergo simple training like for a week and later return to their respective areas to help fight crime, the second category is the reserve force that works with the army and is applied in times of war,” Museveni said. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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