Gov’t To Build Stadium At Ryakasinga Che Primary School

Gov’t To Build Stadium At Ryakasinga Che Primary School an accessible web community

Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: Government is set to construct a stadium at Ryakasinga Che Primary School, in Sheema district.

This was revealed a a press conference that sat at Ryakasinga Che school on June 5th, 2019, by Rev. Duncan Mugumya. Rev. Mugumya revealed that construction of the stadium will be funded using money from the World Bank. Ryakasinga Che is famous not only in Sheema district but also in the whole country for the best performance in soccer whereby every year it participates in nationals and ends up with the best results.  Rev.Mugumya said that “Because of good performance both in academics and sports, the government of Uganda is to build for us a stadium, classrooms, toilets, both computer and practical laboratories , multipurpose hall, staff houses, water tanks and office block. Remember our school has been a model one in western Uganda but I think after all these are set, it will be the model one in the whole East Africa.”

Ryakasinga Che P.S

He added that “The government has come in at the right time when the school doesn’t have debts, all teachers are paid their allowances up to date and  students feed like kings and queens.” Yowasi Beyoreka, the Chairman PTA Ryakasinga Che asked parents to stop listening to rumours against the school. “I ask you parents to stay away from rumours against our school especially those from the parents who don’t have children here. At least if you hear something, come to the office to witness for yourself. ” Beyoreka said. However, the press conference was held after some teachers from Ryakasinga Che had started looking for help from the press and other authorities, complaining about not being paid their allowances since last term began and that the children were poorly fed. Ryakasinga Che won’t be the first school in Sheema to be helped by the government under World Bank. Recently, government commissioned Kashajure, Rwentobo, Rwanama and Ruhigana primary schools which were fully built using World Bank. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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