Greater Bushenyi  Leaders React  To  Archbishop Bakyenga’s Worries Over Gov’t Mafia

Greater Bushenyi Leaders React To Archbishop Bakyenga’s Worries Over Gov’t Mafia an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire


Following the revelation of the Mbarara archdiocese archbishop Paul Kamuza Bakyenga on Sunday September 8th, 2019 at Mushanga parish, that there are mafias in government, politicians in greater Bushenyi district have come out to react to the matter.

Archbishop Bakyenga said that some government officials, who he said are mafia, connived with staff from the ministry of health and cut off government support from Holy Innocents Hospital, which included medical staff and financial assistance, due to unclear reasons.

Hon. Rosemary Nyakikongolo
Hon. Rosemary Nyakikongolo

One of the politicians in the area Dononzio Kahonda, the legislator Ruhinda county, asked president Yoweri Museveni to take
action and that if he doesn’t, he may face unsolvable problems.
Kahinda said “I told you earlier and I’m still telling you; if president Museveni doesn’t want to broadly come out and take action against his mafias, he is likely to face unsolvable problems. I wonder which type of heart a person who did this has.

Remember this hospital treats more than million children within 6 months , so the person who did this killed a thousand children. Remember our government health centres don’t have enough facilities. So after getting an advantage of having the hospital with enough facilities they are now cutting off the aid? For sure I don’t have more words apart from praying for our country.”

Olive Koyekyenga, the Woman MP Buhweju district said that
“What our government did is scoring an own goal; some people took things on religious but remember this hospital has been serving patients of all religions. It’s unfortunate that some people took it on religion basis which is very bad. I call upon all leaders especially from western Uganda to stand together for this matter and fight for our hospital.”

Francis Mwijukye, the Buhweju county MP said that “It’s good you have also seen this. When I talk people say that ‘that’s opposition!’ Remember government doesn’t have hospitals but structures; now that they see this church hospital is helping more people, they decided to do that because they don’t want grassroot people to have better health.”

Rosemary Nyakikongoro, the former woman MP Sheema district said that “It’s quite absurd to see that even the smaller aid they have been offering to this helpful hospital has been taken away. I thought that government would be the happiest for this oly Innocents Children hospital because it is playing a vital role for Ugandans.” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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