Gulu University Bosses Put On Spot Over Dubious Recruitment Process Of Staff

Gulu University Bosses Put On Spot Over Dubious Recruitment Process Of Staff an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The Committee on Public Accounts (Central Government) has faulted the management of Gulu University for irregular recruitment of staff.

According to the Auditor General’s report, there was no due diligence done for all the recruitment for scales M1-M6 despite all the staff having the required qualifications.

According to Ssegona, the university recruited 29 staff without any formal interviews contrary to the recruitment procedures for internally recommended staff.

“In an Interview, the human resource director, Safina Naggayi confirmed that there were no adverts for the temporary appointments and they would rely on the staff performance appraisals to change the status from temporary to permanent,” the report said.

Ssegona said that by failing to follow the right procedure, the university denied other Ugandans a chance to compete for the jobs.

“You have been in the practice of irregularly appointing personnel on a temporary basis and after doing that, you place them before the appointments board to approve, without advertising,” Ssegona said.

He tasked the VC to explain his powers of appointment, and also explain the irregularities.

Openjuru said that he has powers to appoint temporarily under emergencies for a period not exceeding six months.

“Usually, it is during emergencies, when recruitment cannot take the entire time frame; the university secretary will have to request for that authorization,”he said.

The committee cited the example of Robinson Omony who was recruited with no advertisement and formal interview, as a graduate trainee.

Christine Cakuru the senior human resource officer said that Omony was recruited at a time when all three physics lecturers got a scholarship to study and the university had to take on a top performing student.

The committee however, tasked the team to explain if going for further studies was an emergency, stating that scholars are usually given time to exit, and therefore, enough time for the university to recruit.

Openjuru said that there was an issue with the law school which was shut down by the Law Council for lack of lecturers, lack of books and accreditation and they had to address the problem of staff by recruitment of graduate trainees.

Agago North MP, Hon. John Amos Okot questioned the massive resignation of staff, and why the university mainly recruited around 2016, 2017 and 2018 on temporary basis.

Openjuru said they recruited staff temporarily after a massive resignation of lecturers at Gulu University to Lira University for better pay.

The committee tasked the university to provide documentation of correspondence ranging from that on the recruitments, meetings with the Law Council, and letters from the deans of the different departments recommending recruitment. an accessible web community

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