Heartless Woman Infects Neighbor’s Three Children With HIV

Heartless Woman Infects Neighbor’s Three Children With HIV

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By Micheal Atwakiire

Bushenyi: Adrine Kemigisha,a 26 year old woman from Ruhandagazi village, Central Division in Bushenyi, Ishaka Municipality has been arrested by Police for allegedly infecting three of her neighbor’s children with HIV.

The infected children names withheld, are of ages 13, 11 and 5 years, all of Mr Nuwagaba Godfrey and Kengabirano Fausta.

The mother of the infected children said, she came to know the incident after finding the old son 13 years with Gonorrhea and seriously interrogated him till he revealed the shcoking bad news. “My old son told me that he was feeling pain whenever he was going to urinate, when I took him to Bushenyi Health Centre IV, he was found with gonorrhea, we asked him to tell us whom he has been playing sex with and he told us ‘Aunt ‘, all my children call Kemigisha ‘Aunt ‘, when he continued to narrate the whole story, he told us that even his young brothers do the same,” she said.

“Doctors advised me to allow them make HIV tests. Unfortunately he was found positive thus rushing to school to pick his young brothers to also get tested, and they were also found HIV positive. ” Kengabirano narrated while crying.

She further told this reporter that Kemigisha was a good friend and a neighbor whom she couldn’t expect to be that heartless.
“Kemigisha is my neighbor in Ruhandagazi trading Centre, she has been used to my children, they call her aunt because we have been friends ” she wiped.

Nuwagaba Godfrey, father to the infected children said, he once found Kemigisha sleeping on the same bed with one child but didn’t take it serious because he didn’t find them doing anything.
“I once found them on bed but thought they were joking and kidding as usual,” Nuwagaba sadly said.

SP Martial Tumusiime, the Greater Bushenyi Police Spokesperson said a report from Bushenyi Health Centre IV indicated that all the three children were HIV Positive. Police caught Kemigisha and took her for medical checkup and tests proved she was HIV Positive. Immediately after reaching prison, Kemigisha started fainting and police decided to take her to KIU Hospital awaiting to be charged when she leaves hospital, Martial said.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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