Here Are 7 Reasons Why A Caring Parent Must Register Her Child At Delhi Public School International

Here Are 7 Reasons Why A Caring Parent Must Register Her Child At Delhi Public School International

By Spy Uganda

In reality, you can’t achieve what you didn’t invest in-therefore better rush and invest in your child’s future at Delhi Public School International Kampala.

Located at Plot 17-25, Saddler Way, Naguru, Kampala, DPS has for a couple of years, has been the leading player in Uganda’s academic arena.

Now, here is why your child should be enrolled at Delhi Public School

  1. The school creates a motivating and nurturing school environment that supports and encourages lifelong learning assisted by professional and proficient teachers with a passion for education, well-researched and thoughtful school curriculum and delivery, which promotes creativity, curiosity, determination, self-reliance, adaptability and teamwork.
  2. Built on the mission of fostering students with great analytical minds, compassionate and sensitive hearts, Delhi through the Indian National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) curriculum, aims to deliver an education that has evolved over many thousand years into a world-class, globally respected system that has propelled India into an IT and Knowledge superpower.
  3. The DPS learning framework allows children to be children, letting them realize their potential, by making provisions for opportunities where teachers link pedagogy with their life at home and the interaction in the classrooms with their experiences with nature.
  4. DPS is a co-educational private school with an emphasis on the holistic development of children. Its high-quality facilities nurture an innovative, creative, challenging and enterprising environment.
  5. DPS ensures that a child’s attitude to explore is never inhibited and every opportunity is provided to help them learn, explore and soar, helping to establish themselves as true global citizens of tomorrow.
  6. DPS is not just about academic brilliance; it’s also about being a knowledge centre of holistic education. Through its Integrated Learning Approach, it aims to nurture children’s thinking, analyzing and learning skills, creating value-conscious global citizens dedicated to personal and professional excellence.
  7. The school administrators and teachers work hand in hand to make DPSI the best international school and hold themselves responsible for the school’s success. an accessible web community

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