Here Is What You Didn’t Know About Tooro Princess Komuntale’s Love Life

Here Is What You Didn’t Know About Tooro Princess Komuntale’s Love Life

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The latest on our gossip desk is that there is a looming second marriage preparation for Princess of Tooro Kingdom, Ruth Komuntale Nsemere Akiiki. This, after she revealed her wedding dates with her fiance Black-American, Anthony Phil.

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According to our sources in the Princess’ camp, the Batebe of Tooro has confirmed to exchange vows on 8th May 2021, although the venue and reception details still remain a top notch secret for now.

“Yeah! she finally decided to settle down with Phil and so far the wedding arrangements are underway and I predict these two love birds will exchange their vows in Fort Portal, just also show some respect for the Kingdom which she has ignored for all her life spending it in America,” a source revealed.

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It should be remembered that on September 7, the princess posted pictures of her husband-to-be who was wearing a shirt with the words, ‘Best Husband Ever’ on Instagram.


“Even though we are not officially married yet, you have shown all the qualities of a great husband and more. I love you, baby, counting down. #8monthstogo #besthusbandintheworld #blessedmarriage #blessedwedding2021.”- She posted.

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If the glorious spirits of Tooro don’t change Komuntale’s mind, the couple will exchange vows after three years of illegal bonking ever since she made her relationship publicly known through her Instagram account in 2018 when she shared a post baring a stunning ring on her finger.

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She went on and captioned the post below; “God you’re so faithful!! So excited to marry my best friend!”


It should be remembered that Phil’s chance to open Princess books came after, in 2013, she ended her marriage with Christopher Thomas after 11 months of romance that was filled with salacious tales.

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Ever since Komuntale hooked Phil he has showered her with nothing but love and she is so appreciative of the passionate romance they are sharing, despite the fact that they have not been legally wed, a forbidden act religiously of fornicating.

Our sources reveal that the love birds are living in an apartment in the United States of America where they have been cohabiting and merrymaking ever since they hooked up, however, we believe that may be due to the millions of marathons Mr Phil rides the wheels of Princess’ sumbie, its the reason she decided to officiate her marriage with him and forget her troubled Thomas.

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