Highly Risky But Necessary; Uganda Airlines Grills Its Cabin Crew Staff Through Emergency Land Evacuation Skills

Highly Risky But Necessary; Uganda Airlines Grills Its Cabin Crew Staff Through Emergency Land Evacuation Skills

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By Spy Uganda

Entebbe International Airport: If you were among those worried about your safety while aboard Uganda Airlines’ planes, please you’re in the hands of professionals, I can bet my fingers.

Uganda Airlines Cabin Crew yet again conducted Land Evacuation Drills on Friday July 31, 2021, having successfully completed the first ditching drills as per the Civil Aviation (Air Operator Certification and Administration) Regulations 2020.

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The land evacuation drills are required to demonstrate the readiness of the cabin crew Incase of emergency. “You must demonstrate your capabilities to carry out evacuation and safe lives in the event of an emergency. It’s also done to test Cabin Crew’s effectiveness and capability to open the doors in an emergency situation,” said a staff after attending the drills who didn’t want to be quoted.

“This is related to the ability of Uganda Airlines cabin crew to demonstrate to the Authority that its available personnel, procedures, and equipment provide sufficient open exits for evacuation in Fifteen seconds or less,” added source.

The Cabin Crew underwent Airbus A330 Type Specific Training which includes a practical module on operation of doors in armed and disarmed mode for water evacuation land evacuation.

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“In this demonstration exercise, our well trained cabin crew were able to operate one Door (4L of Airbus A330-800 neo) in emergency mode, deploy the slide which was ready in seven (7) seconds of the required 15 seconds of Full Slide Deployment before Evacuations,” the source reveals, adding: “Our cabin crew evacuated the aircraft by jumping and sliding on the Modern Dual Lane Slide Raft that can evacuate two people at a go in an evacuation on land.”

According to sources privy to the training, Uganda Airlines Technical team ensured safety of the Aircraft and safety of crew with zero injuries and zero damage to the fuselage.

“Our well trained Engineers were able to carry out what we call Slide Raft Transportation from one door to the other of the same type. This entire exercise was the first of its kind in Uganda, having drills carried out on the actual Aircraft as most of the drills are done in simulated facilities,” the source said.

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“As a result all our Cabin Crew have fully demonstrated to the authority their readiness to ensure passengers fly safe and in the unlikely event they still can save lives as their primary duty onboard.

Trainings for licensed personnel is Uganda Airlines priority as the regulations required periodical recurrent trainings to ensure crew are relevant in the highly regulated industry,” the source added.

Enjoy The Pictorial Below Of Uganda Airline’s Cabin Crew On Emergency Land Evacuation Drills

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