Horror As Ex-Presidential Candidate Kyalya Pins Kadaga For “Killing” MP Watongola

Horror As Ex-Presidential Candidate Kyalya Pins Kadaga For “Killing” MP Watongola

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By Spy Uganda

The 2016 presidential aspirant controversial Maureen Walube Kyalya a self-appointed spiritualist has released a statement pinning Speaker Rebecca Kadaga as a key player in the death of Kamuli Municipality Member of Parliament Rehema Tiwuwe Watongola.

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Kyalya’s statement reads in full;


In shock, I have received the Soul of Hon. Hajjat Watongola as my first case in my newly appointed role as the judge for the living and the dead delegated to me by Our Saviour Jesus Christ and the Heavens.

She was extremely burdened and accused you of killing her. I have triple jeopardy 1. I have to investigate the matter, will have the findings before the end of today and have to declare your judgement promptly if found guilty.

2. You are my own family and therefore a member of the Lords own lineage and 3. I have written new spiritual laws adopted by heaven in which the punishment for witchcraft is the death of soul and/ or body for both the humans and spirit involved in each case.

As she left for heaven in the company of Prophet Mohammed; she insisted; I am warning you Kyalya, you are number one on their hit list and they are looking for you though have failed to see you. They think you are in the country but they have failed to see you.

These are all but allegations but I feel duty-bound to bring them to your intention because if true the only person who has the power to pardon you is the Lord Father Almighty.

My conditions if by any means I am approached for redress are that if true you must resign from public service of any form with immediate effect as the price for your pardon before you stand before God for mercy. If you listen to me; then you have to tell Him that His servant Meru Nantono Kyalya told you that if you resign from all public service she will be willing to speak to God for your pardon. This has to be done before an appearance before God.

If you did it or was involved in it and do not take steps to seek heavens pardon promptly; you will be the first human to be judged under my new laws just as Hajjat Watongola is the first human brought before my judgement. Under the laws, your soul would be immediately recalled and within 7 days for a man and I am told 9 days for a woman your physical death shall happen.

Unfortunately for me, I am the only one who can receive you and I am the one going to declare your judgement not just for this but for all your life record. Kindly do not put me in this position given our not so good track record of the relationship. All humans and spirit involved will suffer death. For spirit, it means they will be exterminated.

If what I have written makes no sense to you; kindly forgive me for wasting your time. But please remember if Hajjat Watongola believes you killed her; so does all her family so for the sake of peace in Busoga and Uganda as a whole please keep way from her funeral and Parliament procession.

I love you all and I am praying that you all realise that the Lord’s Kingdom has come and we all have to live within the rules of heaven which are simply 1. Love the Lord God enough to respect His creation and 2. Live your neighbour as you love yourself so you do not hurt them.

To Hajji Watongola I am so sorry my dearest friend. I nearly cried when she told me her youngest child is only five years old. We will be praying for you and the Lord shall abundantly provide for your family and enable you to bring up her children. She was blemishless but for some political burdens and the Prophet Mohammed personally came for her to take her to heaven.

I love you and will resolve this matter please do not take it in your hands Hajjat has already reported them to the Lord Almighty God of the heavens. Love you so much and sorry I can’t be with you.

Meru Kyaka-Mukama aka Maureen Kyalya.”

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