Horror As Man Kills Brother Over Shs40,000 Debt

Horror As Man Kills Brother Over Shs40,000 Debt

By Micheal Atwakiire      


Residents of Rweibaare 3, in Kakindo town council Sheema district, were on Tuesday treated to horror and shock after a 24-year-old man killed his younger brother of 21 years, over a debt of Shs40,000.

According to the police , Justus Kamukama killed his young brother Alexander Byaruhanga who owed him Shs40,000 which he gave him after selling his land in Ssembabule .

Getrude Mbabazi, mother of the deceased, told us “Recently,  Byaruhanga sold land worth Shs3M in Ssembabule. He came and bought  here in Rweibaare  land of Shs2.2M, of which where he paid Shs1.2M. It is alleged that the remaining balance was chewed by him and his brother Byamukama, because they have been too close and for over three weeks they have been going together to Kabwohe and Mbarara towns to enjoy the money .

Alexander Byaruhanga who was murdered

Yesterday Byaruhanga told me that he gave Kamukama Shs50,000 but that he was denying ever getting the money. At around  11:00AM yesterday, it is alleged that Kamukama gave him Shs10,000 and remained with a balance of Shs40,000 which annoyed Byaruhanga. He decided to go Kamukama’s home at night to demand for his money and they fought. He ended up being killed.”

 Francisco Tindyeebwa,  father of the deceased said that “Like at around 11:00Am after Kamukama gave him money , Byaruhanga picked my panga and told me that tonight he must kill a person, after which he will kill himself. We thought  he was kidding. At around 1:00Am, he came and started breaking his brother’s windows and doors with a hoe and a panga. 

When I tried to stop him he wanted to kill me too.  I used another door to go and call the Chairman LC I. But by the time we returned, we found when Kamukama had already killed his brother by hitting him with a hoe on the head. But we also found a bottle of poison in Byaruhanga’s pocket.”

Byaruhanga was born in 1998 in Sembabule but later taken to Sheema district where he studied his primary level at Kanengyere primary school where he completed his P.7 with 11 aggregates. He joined Rweibaare Secondary School and dropped out in S.2 after taking poison.  He had grown up as a casual laborer to earn a living.

Meanwhile, Kamuka is detained at Kabwohe central police where he will be taken to court to charged with murder vide file case number CRB 916/2019.

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