Horror As Ugandan Dies In Dubai Under Unclear Circumstances,Organs Stolen-Sources

Horror As Ugandan Dies In Dubai Under Unclear Circumstances,Organs Stolen-Sources

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By Spy Uganda

Dubai: The Ugandan community in Dubai is mourning the death of one of their own identified as Abdullah Kakeeto, who passed away on Tuesday June 9, 2020, although the cause of his death is still mysterious.

It is said that Kakeeto traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in September last year, but developed heart complications a few weeks later after landing in Dubai.

Document from Dubai Hospital that admitted Kakeeto (inset)

 He later got admitted to Dubai Hospital, where he has been on life support until he breathed his last, and was later buried in the desert.

However, although the Dubai Hospital claims that Kakeeto died of heart complications, some of his friends claim that he could have been a victim of organ theft, which is rampant in Dubai and several other Asian and Arab countries.

Organ theft is the stealing of body organs from an unsuspecting individual by black market organ sellers and victims are usually Africans in the UAE or Asian countries looking for jobs.

Abudallah Kakeeto’s passport

According to investigators, several youth who go to Asian and Arab countries often end up dead after being drugged and their organs stolen, although the cabal and mafia in the organ theft business always connive with medics to disguise the deaths as accidents, suicides or related to internal organs complications.

However, it should be noted that due to the COVID-19 lockdown which saw the closure of Entebbe International Airport to all passenger flights, Kakeeto’s body couldn’t be returned to Uganda for proper internment at his ancestral home, so he was buried in the Dubai desert, amongst graves of several other Africans who have suffered the same tragic fate. RIP

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