Horror! Chinese Man Caught In City With 500 Caged Cats Selling Them To Restaurants For Mchomo

Horror! Chinese Man Caught In City With 500 Caged Cats Selling Them To Restaurants For Mchomo

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By Spy Uganda Correspondent

In China, it is legal to eat cats and dogs. Even so, ordinary people reacted with alarm this week as news broke of a Chinese man caught with 500 cats, crowded into tiny cages, which he intended to sell to restaurants.

The man had used sparrows and caged birds to lure both stray cats and domestic ones in the city of Jiujiang in southern Jiangsu province.

Many of the cats were found in cages in the back of a small truck, some near-death and mewing faintly in the heat, while others were recovered in a hut near a highway, cooled only by a ceiling fan. The man usually sold the cats for about 30 yuan ($4.40) each, the report said, citing a local policeman.

The man, identified only as Sun, was arrested Sunday after another man complained to police that someone had been stealing his pets, including a mother nursing five kittens. Police said that if no owners came forward, they would just release the 500 cats, the report said.

More than 10 million dogs and about four million cats are killed every year across China for their meat, activists say, a practice that comes under the spotlight every year with the annual dog meat and lychee festival in the Chinese city of Yulin. Activists say thousands of dogs and cats are “brutally bludgeoned to death,” at the festival, which begins on the summer solstice of June 21 and lasts 10 days.

Animals Asia said investigations carried out in 2016 and 2017 found that two branches of Carrefour in the Chinese city of Xuzhou were openly selling dog meat products.

But its investigators said the stores contained numerous dog meat products, such as “turtle-juiced dog meat,” which costs 136 RMB ($20) for 900 g (2 pounds).

Last month, Humane Society International (HSI) and other groups said dog meat sales had been unofficially banned at the Yulin festival this year, after widespread negative publicity and complaints from animal lovers in China and abroad — although authorities denied such a ban is in place.

On Tuesday, HSI welcomed a survey conducted by Chinese charities and local government researchers that found that 13 percent of Yulin residents never eat dog meat, and a further 59 percent eat it rarely, or only half a dozen times a year.

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