Hottest MUK Graduates Of 2020 Unveiled

Hottest MUK Graduates Of 2020 Unveiled

By Spy Uganda

Makerere University recently held its 70th graduation, during which several graduands received diplomas, degrees, masters and PhDs in various disciplines.

Azida Aisha Moya, Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management with a first class degree and branded the smartest of the day

The graduation ceremony which was held at the MUK campus, pooled together several students, among them a bunch of very gorgeous and juicy belles.

Doreen Blessing graduated with a degree

Although people usually say beauty and brains don’t mix, these babes have disproved that belief, because of being hot and brainy at the same time.

We have thus taken the honour to unveil for you these lovely creatures that God spent a little  more time while creating, because they are beautiful and brilliant.

Although they are so many, here are some of the most beautiful MUK graduands of 2020.

This gorgeous graduate also scooped degree
With such beauty and brains, she has a bright future
Nasanga Bridget, graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration
Woo! Isn’t she a beau!
What an angel she is
God must have spent a little more time on Patricia Nanduga, who graduated with a degree in Business Administration.
Some of the lovely MUK graduates an accessible web community

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