House maid steals $2800

House maid steals $2800 an accessible web community

By Alex Kalangi

Police have arrested a maid on allegations of stealing US$2,800 (Shs10m) from her employer in Mukono District.
Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Mr Luke Owoyesigyire, said they have recovered US$2,000 after a search in the maid’s property

The suspect identified as Sylvia Katoko allegedly first stole US$400 from US$500 that was in her employer’s bag but the crime wasn’t detected in time.
The employer said he carried a bag and only realised in town that the money she had was less, but couldn’t know where he lost it.
Mr Owoyesigire said the maid’s employer only got to know about the incidents of theft at his home on Monday after the money was in the bank and the teller informed them that it was less.

As the couple went for an outing on Sunday, they instructed the maid to tide up the house. She spotted an envelope with dollars in the Master’s Bedroom, one of his children had seen the maid entering the room where the money was on Sunday hidden. The child disclosed and a search was carried out in the property of the maid. But the maid had allegedly hid the money in bag in another room

The complainant searched another room where they found part of the money hidden in a bag

The housemaid has been charged of Theft Contrary to Section 254(1) and 256 of the Penal Code Act.

Late September 2017 while speaking at the East African Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCO) Annual General Meeting at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Director Interpol and International Relations AIGP Fred Yiga highlighted on Ugandans who intend to secure the services of house maids, or home workers, to approach the Directorate of Interpol offices located at Plot 12, Mabua Rd-Kololo to do a thorough criminal screening.

He said the move is aimed at ensuring the households are kept in the know what criminal records the maids they plan to employ have and reduce risks of trusting one’s home, children with maids whose backgrounds they hardly know. an accessible web community

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