How The Past Haunts ‘Double-Edged’ New IGG Betty Kamya

How The Past Haunts ‘Double-Edged’ New IGG Betty Kamya an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Few days after Beti Olive Namisango Kamya-Turomwe, also known as Betty Kamya was appointed by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as the new Inspector General of Government (IGG), we have landed on a piece of article she wrote on 25th January 2008 in Daily Monitor casting all sorts of rot against his current boss [Museveni], whom she called all sorts of bad names.

In an article titled ”where is Museveni’s heart?”, Kamya who was then in Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) opposition party, accused Museveni of being such a ruthless leader Uganda has ever who grabbed their riches in exchange for peace.

Briefly Read Kamya’s Article Below;

Kamya’s Article In Local News Paper In Uganda

”When the White man came to Kenya holding a Bible, he found us with our land. He told us to close our eyes to pray. When we opened our eyes after prayers, we were holding the Bible while he held our land….” said Jomo Kenyatta as he justified the bloody Mau Mau (Mzungu Aende Ulaya Muafrika Apate Uhuru) war that ousted colonialism out of Kenya.

Writing this article on January 25, I’m thinking how befitting that we should remember Kenyatta’s words on the eve of January 26 as we wait to “celebrate” (myfoot!) the 22nd anniversary of the NRM victory! Indeed, Museveni came hold- ing “peace” and “sleep” while Ugandans held factories, banks, buses, airplanes, railways, co- operative unions, food silos, fuel reservoirs, hotels, schools, Kampala City and land. He convinced us to catch up on the long eluded sleep while he sorted things out. We slept for 20 years. When we woke up, we were holding peace while he held all our assets! And like the Kenyans, we are going to have to fight to extricate ourselves from Museveni’s paws now deeply entrenched in our everything.

Museveni seems to have a vengeance on Uganda, as if the country was unkind to him and must pay for his suffering. No one can do what Museveni has done to Uganda unless they have a score to settle! I appreciate these Rwandese armed group that left Uganda in 1990, most of whom, born and bred in Uganda, could have assumed Ugandan citizenship, but whose hearts never left Rwanda, even as they were not yet conceived in their mothers’ wombs.

I understand that every Jew’s heart (born and unborn) remained in Israel during the 1,000 years of exile and yearned to go back, so the Rwandese hearts, born and unborn, yearned for home. But where is Museveni’s heart? Where does he yearn to go, and if nowhere, why destroy the only country that he knows? Can’t he see that this sectarian thing he is nurturing is not only dangerous but unsustainable?” said newly appointed IGG Betty Kamya 12yrs ago.

”The Chameleon In Kamya” From Blue To Orange To Yellow

In an interview with a local media house early 2020, Kamya who dust binned FDC and Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) Party and joined National Resistance Movement (NRM), revealed that her decision was based on the terrible future she saw ahead of country’s staggering opposition parties.

“You have to be a visionary to lead the country. The NRM party and President Museveni have the vision for this nation. I came with all my energy to take forward that vision,” Ms Kamya said.

Ms Kamya is one of the founders of the Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) party that was registered on Monday, July 19, 2010. She contested on UFA party ticket as the first Uganda woman presidential candidate in 2011 polls, emerging fifth with 52,782 votes.

When an active member of UFA, she said her objective was to get the message of federalism and development out to all Uganda.

Kamya whose party focused on the need to change the system of government from a unitary to a federal system, has since been spat venom by a couple angry Ugandans who accuse her of being a hypocrite whose main agenda was not to rescue them but feed for her stomach thus crossing to NRM.

Political Participations Under NRM

In 2020 she participated in the flag bearer elections for Lubaga North constituency as a candidate. She won Brian Tindyebwa and Dr. Isaac Lwanga to become the official NRM flag bearer in the 2021 presidential and parliamentary elections.

In the 2021 general elections, Kamya lost the Lubaga North parliamentary election to Ababaker Kawalya of the National Unity Platform (NUP) a party under the chairmanship of Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu.

From December 2019 until May 2021, she was the Cabinet Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, in the Cabinet of Uganda. On 16th July 2021 Museveni appointed her as the IGG.

Also, previously on June 6, 2016, she was named the new Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority. an accessible web community

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