I Lost My Manhood At The Hands Of Museveni’s Gun Wielding Men-Nakaseke MP Luttamaguzzi Narrates His Suddest Ordeal

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Kampala: Following COVID-19 directives issued by President Museveni in a bid to curb the deadly virus, Hon Luttamaguzi Semakula was arrested by Nakaseke Police station for allegedly flouting the same designed directives.

Nakaseke legislator says it was his first time to meet the hell on earth after being manhandled through the whole night he was arrested under torture that was geared by the district police commander Kitaka Sulait and his assistant only known as Mbabazi.

Luttamaguzi Revealing His Story In Pain.

Read Luttamaguzi’s full sad story;

“On 26th August 2020, I was brutally arrested by police and army from Nakaseke district on my way to take road culverts to Nvuye village in Semuto. I was extremely beaten by Nakaseke district police commander called Kitaka Sulait and his assistant called Mbabazi.

I was over tortured while being taken to their prison in Butalangu, i  was extremely tortured and now I find a lot of pain while urinating. They stabbed me down the stomach and as they took me to their final prison in Kitalya pain kept on increasing.

The several days I stayed in prison pain remained too much down the abdomen. I have run several tests to know if the kidneys were affected because I have a bigger wound I was inflicted on by the same policemen down the abdomen.

Painful Luttamaguzi Showing Wound Allegedly Caused By Torture Of Police Officers.

I am deeply concerned about this too much pain though is thankful to my doctors who have helped me to gain some recoveries. Most policemen in Uganda have killed so many innocent Ugandans on the pretext that they are ordered by above to do so.

I wish the police could know that being in opposition doesn’t make u an enemy of the state. I want to know from the speaker of parliament where should I get permission to go to the constituency that I represent in the parliament of Uganda??

How can the human rights commission in Uganda help me? Can professional standards unit in the police of Uganda help me and apprehend these culprits in police or they also fear above of Uganda? Can the international community help me ?? We are being tortured and some murdered in Uganda by police and army…what was the role of the army men during my arrest on my way to my constituency of Nakaseke.

Fellow countrymen in Uganda and in the diaspora many Ugandans are being tortured and killed or persecuted for no clear reasons.

It happened to me and I am in great pain but let’s help our country sooner than later and end these crimes of torture..as a member of parliament for Nakaseke South constituency i want to know the crime that I committed to deserve this kind of torture and the live bullets that were ushered to me while in my van.

Besides even my big handbag which had clothes and money was taken by these same. I came to learn from my driver after my bail from prison that everything in my van was grabbed and taken by these same policemen.

I’m going back to Butalangu courts in Nakaseke on 01 Oct 2020 but I still want to know the charges these people put on me. Everyone should pray for this country Uganda but its too much.

My life is not yet good and is looking for better medications after being tortured by policemen on my way to Nakaseke which I represent in Nakaseke. The sufferings am going through should be a lesson to many Ugandans that justice is becoming more scarce every day.

I have to pay a lot of money for my medication every day and if the condition doesn’t improve I will be referred for operation and with all these tortures by govt security operatives, we are not sure of a better tomorrow. If they do it to a member of parliament then no one is safe.

The state is becoming the biggest enemy of its citizens through these tortures which have cost lives of many innocent Ugandans.

Thank you for those that stood by me in these trying moments. Aluta continua”

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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