‘I Marry Under Holy Spirit’s Guidance’: Meet Pastor With 12 Wives & 34 Children, All In One House

‘I Marry Under Holy Spirit’s Guidance’: Meet Pastor With 12 Wives & 34 Children, All In One House

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By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Here is the Nigerian Pastor whose names are withheld on the preference of anonymity who got married to 12 wives currently having 34 children and freely all sleeping under one roof something that is not only surprising you but everyone who learns about this.

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This man lives with his 34 children in a single house; 25 are his kids, while the other nine are adopted into this Godly family.

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Pastor With Some Of His Wives

Curiously, the same meal is enjoyed by his family because they seem to go along very well together.

According to residents and neighbours to this family, 12 wives and children are living in peace contrary to what many think that such a large family can’t live without disagreement, an informant says there are no arguments at all between members of this crowded family.

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Interestingly, people surrounding him think this man is a witch doctor, claiming that there is no way to persuade 12 women to share him alone in the same room which he defends saying that he is a “man of God.”

The Pastor Who Has Shocked The World With His 12 Wives

He adds that he has a dream of marrying 20 wives because that is what he promised the Spirit in one night he was sharing with his God.

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It is also important to bear in mind that he married his first wife 16 years ago and, within 16 years, married other wives.

Spirit or not, whether the devil is a liar or not, dramatic issues never end!!!

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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