I Only Bonked Her For Money Not Permanent Marriage: Singer Harmonize Drops Italian Wife, Files For Divorce

I Only Bonked Her For Money Not Permanent Marriage: Singer Harmonize Drops Italian Wife, Files For Divorce

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By Spy Uganda

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has officially filed for divorce from her Italian wife Sarah Michelotti.

Speaking during a radio interview with Clouds FM in his home country the singer, real name Rajab Abdul, also confirmed the couple is already living separate lives.

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The Aiyola hitmaker wished his ex all the best in her endeavors.

“Sarah ni mtu ambaye nimeishi nae kwa miaka minne kama vijana kuna mengi tumeyapitia kama changamoto ninachoshukuru ni kila mmoja yupo kwenye maisha mengine sasa hivi na ninamuombea Mungu amsaidie, talaka nimeandika, (I have lived with Sarah for four years and there is much we have shared including challenges.I thank her for everything and pray that God bless and guide her)”, he said.

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The Bongo star broke up with Michelotti last year after the singer confessed to having sired a child with another woman.

He publicly confessed and apologized to his Italian girlfriend and to his daughter Zulekha for having been compelled to hide her from the world.

The Italian beauty in turn accused him of lying and claimed he had turned his back on her even after she worked hard to empower him and make him a better person. She did not substantiate.

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Harmonize has since moved on, and is said to be dating Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala

The singer is just one of the many artists, including his compatriot Diamond Platnumz who have found it hard to sustain relationships amid reports of challenges in handling game and money that comes with the entertainment industry.

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