Idi Amin’s Son Lumumba Castigates Gov’t For Battering Journalists Day After Celebrating Janani Luwum-“These Are Peace Masqueraders”

Idi Amin’s Son Lumumba Castigates Gov’t For Battering Journalists Day After Celebrating Janani Luwum-“These Are Peace Masqueraders” an accessible web community

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Two days after Uganda celebrated Archbishop Janani Luwum who was allegedly murdered by former Ugandan President Idi Amin on 17/2/1977, on February 18, 2021, security operatives were captured on Kololo streets buttering journalists who were covering Museveni’s strongest rival in 2021 polls, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu as he delivered his petition to the United Nations.

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This sparked both local and international criticism and left a couple of Ugandans including President Idi Amin’s son Hussein Lumumba Amin wondering how the same government that is castigating all the evil against his father for being a bloody leader could be seen in broad daylight brutalizing journalists for covering an opposition candidate.

However, on there hand, Hussein blames the media for conniving with what he calls the most dictatorial regime of Museveni to air evil against his father in a bid to convince the general public that Amin was a notorious killer.

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“While from On Luwum day, the local media is all eagerly helping the regime point fingers at Amin, thereby whitewashing the junta in one day of all its recent ills, suddenly appearing as saints. The next day one devil is clobbering the other,” says Hussein as quoted in a tweet.

Lumumba says before anything evil is said against his father by Museveni, he should first think about the victims of the 2016 Kasese massacre, and the thousands that have been abducted in a period of about three months, tortured, raped, & murdered “by his regime just because of greed for power.”

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“Ugandans must witness their crocodile tears, it is not lost on anyone that the organisers are the individuals gloating against the victims of the 2016 Kasese massacre, and the thousands they are abducting, raping, torturing & murdering as we speak,” says Amin’s son.

It should be remembered that in his speech along Luwum day, Museveni called Amin a swine for killing innocent Janan Luwum which Hussein Amin trashes. In fact, he believes that Museveni will be remembered as the world’s killer citing the “controversial abduction of Ben Kiwanuka when police found Museveni driving the very Volkswagen whose number plate was involved in the abduction of the Chief Justice of Uganda.”

In his journey of struggling to keep his father’s history clean, Hussein says that state operatives tried to block his account to stop him from sharing Amin’s positive contributions to Uganda which NRM has continuously downplayed.

He says, “I am back from 3 days detention in “Facebook jail” after my account had been reported to be suspended as a tactic that is increasingly being used not only by unscrupulous individuals but more seriously, regimes attempting to silence critics, hide the truth, and stifle free speech,

“I would hereby like to urge the people of Uganda plus the African and international followers of my social media presence to preserve as I have always done, a copy of any important historical writings here for themselves, in the public interest.”

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Drawing more light on Luwum’s death which has been put on his father, Hussein says that President Idi Amin Dada never had any hatred or bad feelings towards the late Archbishop Janan Luwum till the leader learnt that Luwum was actually plotting against him behind his back, helping dictator Milton Obote return to power.

“It was even more dumb-founding for President Idi Amin to realize that after receiving an official letter from the Archbishop just weeks earlier, where Janan Luwum is supposedly speaking truth to power and complaining about disappearances and abductions of Amin’s own government officials, the same Archbishop Janan Luwum was caught red-handed using the cloak of the church planning to return Milton Obote who was in exile in Tanzania,” says Hussein via his blog spot titled Ugandans At Heart.

He adds, “It is no secret that they are the only ones in the country sympathetic to Obote even today, and still want a return to oboteism as we speak.”

He further clarifies that after knowing about Luwum’s deals with Obote, Amin’s intelligence officers took a search into his home and found a truckload of weapons and ammunition at his residence at Namirembe Cathedral.

“The information about the weapons had been leaked to security services by a disgruntled terrorist who it is alleged was Yoweri Museveni,” says Hussein.

He further praises his Father Amin saying that if Janan Luwum wasn’t arrested, millions of Uganda were going to perish because it was later discovered that Luwum himself with Obote were preparing a mass slaughter of Ugandans so as to tarnish Amin’s government and overthrow it using public’s grievance.

“His known idol Milton Obote who hails from a not-so-distant village as his, had sent him everything he needed for the heinous task of revenge murders on innocent Ugandans. It was assumed to be particularly targeting the Baganda people. Therefore if Luwum had not been caught, and his ill motives unearthed in a secret Obote message found at his residence, the 1980’s genocide against Baganda would have secretly started three years earlier in 1977, and Luwum would maliciously be the first to walk to Amin together with the international media, questioning why Ugandans were being murdered, when in reality it would have been Luwum himself and his idol Milton Obote behind the mass massacre. an accessible web community

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