IGG Investigates Police Boss Over Shs100B Nateete Police Project

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By Our Reporter

The inspectorate of General Government (IGG) has commenced its intensive investigations against a senior police officer on allegations of swindling government money worth one hundred billion shillings (100Bn) that was meant to construct the Nateete police station project

The investigated officer is AIGP Godfrey Bangirana, head of the Uganda Police Force’s Logistics and Engineering Department and he is expected to face the Inspectorate of Government to explain and give accountability on the alleged missing money during the construction process of Nateete police station.

Also issues of interest by the IGG will be the procurement processes where police has now accumulated a debt of over Shs100Bn it owes to different service providers.

“He has superintended over gross procurement flaws that have not only affected the police force but also the various suppliers who have various contracts with the force,” a letter addressed to the IGG dated 25th,August, 2018 read in part.

“The letter alleges that Bangirana would endorse payment for only friendly companies or individuals. “He is the man behind the fuel scam where he paid billions of shillings to Petrol Companies and had his proxies fetch police fuel but also, sometimes going through back doors to pick physical cash from the fuel stations,” the letter sent to IGG read in part.
This year, police launched an old chopper at Kajansi at a cost of Shs 10Bn, a figure which was highly contested.

Police is in the process of procuring two more helicopters.

Godfrey Bangirana is also challenged to explain how police lost billions of shillings of money to the public who were endorsed to consume police fuel for their private activities yet in some circumstances, police patrol vehicles did not have fuel.

By 2015,police had accumulated a debt to a tune of Shs 125 Billion. Since 2015 services providers had never been paid.

Justice Julia Ssebutinde in a Police Probe, pointed fingers at him and the concerned citizen who wrote to the IGG wants all this revisited.

“I think it is important you investigate the selective payment methods. You may also need to take a keen interest in the wealth accumulated by Godfrey Bangirana. Has he declared it? Can he account for such wealth?” the IGG letter questioned.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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