I’m Neither Pro West Nor East, I’m Pro Uganda-Museveni Blasts America Before Visiting Russian Foreign Minister!

I’m Neither Pro West Nor East, I’m Pro Uganda-Museveni Blasts America Before Visiting Russian Foreign Minister!

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By Spy Uganda

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has thrilled Russia’s Foreign Minister, H.E Sergey V. Lavrov who is on a visit in Uganda after stating that he will never be pro-west since Uganda aims not to create enemies but to relate with every country.

Museveni told Lavrov that Uganda is very ready to trade with Russia and any other country that is willing and added, ”We want to make our own enemies not to fight other people’s enemies, this is our doctrine.”

Lavrov arrived Monday in Uganda Monday night, the third stop on an African tour to strengthen ties with the continent and seek support against Western pressure over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

“When there was the cold war, one day they asked me a question, ‘are you pro-east or pro-west?’, I said you must think I am an idiot, why do you think my main job is to be pro-somebody?” said Museveni adding;

“I am pro myself and I deal with all other people according to how they relate with my own interests. These people think we are stupid, such a question is idiotic. It is not my job to be pro-east or pro-west, I am pro myself and I deal with people according to the way they deal with me.”

After listening to Museveni’s awesome words in favour of Russia, Lavrov praised the government of Uganda and its leadership for being neutral in the Ukraine-Russia war.

Remember that Uganda was among the about 20 African countries that in March abstained from voting as the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly voted to condemn Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

“Those old colonial instincts and old colonial policies are being demonstrated in the practices of western countries, they want everyone to take a side, for or against them,” Lavrov said.

He added that discussions over resolving the energy and food crises “will not depend on the mood of our western counterparts”, adding that “our African colleagues understand it has nothing to do with the special military operation in Ukraine.”

Scarcity Of Oil Globally

Russia stands ready to sell crude oil to any interested country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“We sell oil to any interested country. And if this country or another wants it, there are no obstacles, be it India, be it China, or be it any African country,” Lavrov added.

He further noted, “Not only do we sell oil, but we also help develop national industries to process hydrocarbons, produce oil products, and use natural gas in the industrial sector.”

“Such discussions have been planned and will be intensified with our friends from Uganda, as well,” he added.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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