I’m Still UIA E.D: Kaguhangire Defies Board Resolution To Leave Office!

I’m Still UIA E.D: Kaguhangire Defies Board Resolution To Leave Office!

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By Peter Ssebulime

The interdicted Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) Ms.Jolly Kaguhangire has defied the resolution by the UIA Board of Directors in its 51st sitting of interdicting her for a period of three months as a select committee investigates the corruption allegations levied against her.

Kaguhangire says the decision reached by the Board is invalid, ultra vires, illegal and incurably void ab intio, since it did not follow the laws and regulations governing UIA, standard corporate practice, governance and the principle of equity.

In her letter responding to the Board Chairman, Kaguhangire said one of the members who participated in her interdiction had an interest in the matter which is contrary to section 4.4 of the Board manual. Secondly, the issue to discuss the conduct of the Executive Director was not on the agenda so deliberating on it was contrary to section 4.1,2(b), that the notice given for the meeting was less than 7 days and lastly all allegations made against her are unfounded and totally baseless thus she remains available to answer all of them satisfactorily in an unbiased forum.

“This letter also serves to inform you that I am still in office as the UIA Executive Director carrying out my duties and the mandate of the Authority. Any decision made by any other officer on behalf of the Authority is null and void” Kaguhangire’s letter read in part.

Letter from the Board of directors that dustbined Kaguhangire.

It should be remembered that the Board which sat on Tuesday 26th June resolved to interdict Kaguhangire on grounds of abuse of office, insubordination, misleading and lying to the Board, non-compliance with the implementation of the strategic plan in defiance of the directives of the ministry of finance and the Board of Directors,on the one year implementation plan.

They also accused her of closure of a public office (UIA Namanve office) without authorization and  serious corruption allegations made by UIA  staff against her that touch on her integrity as the head of UIA.
In an effort to reach a final just decision, the Board of Directors appointed a select committee to investigate the grounds of her interdiction which committee would also give her a chance to defend herself before it.
Kaguhangire was also directed to hand over the office to Mr. Basil Ajer, the director SME and STI who will act as ED for the three months of her interdiction.

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