‘I’m Uganda’s 10th President’-Bobi Wine Declares Ahead Of 2021 Election

‘I’m Uganda’s 10th President’-Bobi Wine Declares Ahead Of 2021 Election

By Spy Uganda

People Power pressure group leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, who is also the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, has declared that he is Uganda’s 10th President, ever before the 2021 presidential elections are held.

Bobi Wine, who is one of the biggest competitors to President Yoweri Museveneni in the forthcoming elections, revealed this on Wednesday morning while appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze programme hosted by Simon K. Njala, during which he reiterated that Uganda shall hold an election that is constitutionally allowed, instead of the Scientific Selection that the Electoral Commission want to hold.

“I dont talk politics, this is reality. Byabakama has been working for Museveni all along, we can’t forget when he was used to lie about Dr. Besigye rape case,” a tough-talking Bobi Wine said.

He added that “I don’t just want to be on ballot paper,  am going to be the 10th president. It’s not about politicians, electoral commission, media stations, political parties, religious leaders, or any other organisation but ITS YOU THE PEOPLE OF UGANDA TO LIBERATE YOUR COUNTRY COME 2021.”

He also revealed that “We shall rally Uganda to take part in everything that will bring about change. We must be seen as people here to free Ugandans. Even this lockdown is political.  COVID19 has been politicized. Museveni doesn’t care whether we live or die provided he stays in State House.”

It should be noted that the Electoral Commission recently released the revised 2020/2021 Election Roadmap, in which it announced several new changes, among them  being the prohibition of all political rallies and urging candidates to use radios, TV stations, social media and other digital platforms as avenues for campaigns ahead of the election.

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