Inside Source! How Museveni Burst Mafia Cells In Uganda Airlines Who Smuggled Alcohol Into Islamic Mogadishu Risking The National Carrier

Inside Source! How Museveni Burst Mafia Cells In Uganda Airlines Who Smuggled Alcohol Into Islamic Mogadishu Risking The National Carrier an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: According to the latest landing on our investigative desk,  yet to be exposed Kampala ruthless business Mafias and the suspended top officials at Uganda Airlines connived to smuggle alcohol into Mogadishu-Somalia using the national plane, Uganda Airlines, without minding about risks of flying a national courier with such ”haram deals in an Islamic State”.

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As a result of the above, furious Somali government had to ground the Uganda Airlines plane for some good days till President Museveni through AMISOM part of which is made up of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and negotiated for its release. Some inside sources told our spy that actually, by grounding it, AMISON saved it from being bombed enroute to Entebbe by ‘some’ other forces within Alshabab who had got wind of the ‘haram’ business taking place with the Airplane.

Now according to our sources, it was at the above point that DAS Handling Limited, an airport ground handling services company in Uganda, was forced to fire all its workers who allegedly connived and loaded the alcohol on the plane to Mogadishu, allegedly working under the  command of a one Andrew Tumusiime, a senior Administration Manager at Uganda Airlines, who is among those on forced leave.

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And as a result therefore, in a bid to kick such deadly deals out of the courier, management of Uganda Airlines came up with a plan of “self handling” all goodies at the airport something that would see DAS company losing the job something that Tumusiime allegedly is still fighting tooth and nail since it would fail his dubious deals with the company.

According to our inside sources, this was one of the reasons why President Museveni in May 2021 fired Tumusiime with his fellow group that was also accused of nepotism, corruption among others.

Museveni who sounded furious on his inauguration day, sent the Airline’s top managers including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cornwell Muleya on a three -month suspension and then ordered for forensic investigations on the matter.

”You see that team of Muleya and his managers, had created a complicated working environment for any employee who tried to intercept their deals, and had Museveni not intervened, hmmm!!! today we would be with a different story for Uganda Airlines,” revealed a source at the national courier who preferred anonymity.

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After firing Cornwell’s team including Andrew Tumusiime, who goes around bragging how he works closely with President Museveni, yet it’s the same man from Rwakitura who sent him packing and ordered for full investigation against him and his team, Museveni brought back Ms.Jennifer Bamuturaki, whom the then CEO Muleya had fired after her six months probation period claiming she couldn’t match with his ‘brilliant’ team he wanted to assemble to run business at the airport.

But Museveni brought her back this time round and made her Acting CEO, replacing the very suspended Muleya! Before her exit, Jennifer was serving as Commercial Director and has over 13 years in airlines Industry having worked with Aghakan’s Air Uganda for seven years, first as Head Sales and Marketing before the docket was changed into Commercial Director and was still entrusted to head it.

Also, after firing Cornwell’s team, Museveni immediately deployed no nonsense investigator Brenda Wadri from State House to investigate the rot in the Airline and so far what has been discovered about the suspended team, according to our source is not only shocking but horrific.

”We have since found out that the suspended team had connived with a section of business mafias in town to run down the airline by awarding themselves huge deals, kickbacks and commission at the expense of taxpayers money estimated at Shs100 billion,” says the source.

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Also, it has been established that the suspended team is already launching ”job saving operations” in all corners of the airline using their juniors aiming to retain their positions since the suspension is almost getting done.

Is said that among the mechanisms the team is trying to create in a bid to destabilize the current leadership so that they can be brought back into the system at the end of their suspension, which by the way ends this August 21 2021 and not July as they thought, by sponsoring a couple of social media bloggers, Media houses in Uganda and Kenya to create instability in the current leadership.

”Whereas the suspended CEO Muleya is at the center of the ongoing probe, he is being assisted by Andrew Tumusiime, a senior Administration Manager who is also on suspension.

The duo is allegedly currently pushing malicious propaganda against the current leadership. While in Kenya for example, Tumusiime has been conducting a series of talk shows to tarnish the image of Uganda Airline and its current leadership as he positions himself as Mr.Clean, all aimed at forcing the President to return them into the system,” said a source.

Infact, on July 12, after getting tired of hiding and working through cronies, Andrew Tumusiime based in Nairobi Kenya came out boldly organized and hosted a zoom debate with the help of Nairobi Rotary club in which he discussed the modus operandi of Uganda airlines yet he is still on suspension.

Evidence: Suspended Andrew Tumusiime Based In Kenya This Week And Hosted Debate About Uganda Airlines Hiding Behind Kenya Rotary Club In Which He Bashed Current Leadership At Entebbe.

More About Jennifer Bamuturaki The New Ag CEO Uganda Airlines

Jennifer Bamuturaki previously worked with East African Airlines as Country Manager-Uganda for 5 years, Aghakan’s Air Uganda as Commercial Director for 7 years, Uganda Airlines-6 months as Commercial Director before she was fired by then CEO Muleya, a Zambian national, only to be returned by president Museveni as Ag CEO in May this year. She has a span of over 13 years of experience in the airline industry.

Before joining the airline Industry Jennifer also worked at Golden Tulip Uganda and Sheraton Hotels as Director Sales and Marketing. She also has 1-year of experience in the tours and travel Industry. an accessible web community

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