Interview: Celebrated Professional Dancer  Aerial Dances Opens Up On Dancing To Make Money

Interview: Celebrated Professional Dancer Aerial Dances Opens Up On Dancing To Make Money an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Whereas most people dance for fun, Aerial Dancers, one of Uganda’s popular dancers for hire, does it to earn a living and so he makes money by being hired to dance in music videos and at functions.

He talked to Spy Uganda in a one-on-one interview, during which he revealed how he developed the passion for dancing and why he thinks dancing as talent has been neglected in Uganda. Here are some of the excerpts from the interview;

Qn: Can you please tell us about yourself?

Ans: I’m called Ronald Kushemererwa but best known as  Aerial Dances.

Aerial Dances doing his thing

Qun: When did you start dancing and how far have you gone with it?

Aerial: I started dancing in 2014 during my form six vacation. Later I travelled to South Sudan for some competitions that were hosted by MTN Telecom in Juba, where I and my team won the competition. By then my dance crew was called the ‘Expendables’.  Because of the fun I had in Sudan I spent two good years there, then later returned to Uganda and around late 2016.”

Qun: So after that what happened?

Ans: In early 2017 I travelled to Kigali, Rwanda (Nyamirambo), where I continued with my dancing with a colleague of mine called Kent Rogers. We created a dance crew called ‘AK Dancers. We started being hired to dance in music videos,  for example, ‘Thank You’ by The Ben, which was my first music video in Rwanda .

Kushemererwa aka Aerial Dances earning a living by dancing

Later in 2017 when I had returned to Uganda I met a crew called ‘Baraka Dance Crew’ and joined them. I continued with the dance career until I featured in my first music video titled ‘Musaayi’ by Leila Kayondo. After that my second music video was ‘Nkuwalana’ by Nutty Neithan. From there I organized a big show called ‘Unveiling Of Aerial Dances’, which was held at Club Raza in Makyindye and was a big success.

Qun: So how did you end up with Trojans Dance crew?

Ans: In 2018 I joined Trojans Dance Crew and we did more music videos like ‘Mapozi’ by Vinka , ‘Style Yo’ by Topic Kasente, ‘Nkuletela’ by Sharon Peyton , ‘Dingdingdole’ by Fik Fameika, ‘Onsanude’ by City Rock , ‘Eat zote’ by David Lutalo , ‘Stamina’ by Jose Chameleone, etc. In 2018 still Trojans- Dance Crew won the biggest dance competitions in Uganda that were hosted by Urban TV called Dance Off Season 1 and we went home with Shs30,000,000; that was the turning point.

Qun: Is that all you ever won? What came next after that?

Ans: In 2019 Trojans Dance Crew still won the biggest dance competitions that were hosted by NTV called ‘Hot Steps Season 5’, from which we bagged the prize of Shs20,00, 0000, which pushed us to another level. Apart from the money we also won awards which include;  Dance Off Champions 2018, NTV Sting Hotsteps 2019, Hi Skul Awards 2018, and we were nominated for; Hipipo Awards, Uganda entertainment awards  and Mzika Awards, Kenya.

So whereas some people go to night clubs to dance for free, Ugandan youth who are talented can develop a dance career, because there are many people across the world making money out of dancing.

Actually, Aerial Dances now conducts  Dance Classes at Silver Springs Hotel Bugolobi called Dance For Fitness every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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