Investigations: Ugandan Girls ‘Coached’ By Ex-Mbale Schools Band To Falsely Accuse British Pensioner Philip Monk Of Child Molestation, Homo Sexuality Make U-Turn!

Investigations: Ugandan Girls ‘Coached’ By Ex-Mbale Schools Band To Falsely Accuse British Pensioner Philip Monk Of Child Molestation, Homo Sexuality Make U-Turn! an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda Investigations Team

Mr.Philip Monk (Background) With His Band Team

Mbale: Last week, our investigations desk team got a tip that in Mbale City, there lives a retired British pensioner in the name of Philip Monk, allegedly luring young boys and girls into acts of immorality, child molestation, illicit enrichment, cybercrime, among other allegations. Well, our investigative journalist picked interest in the matter and drove to Mbale to get facts first hand. The sources also accused Mr.Monk of using the vulnerable youths to solicit sacks of money from UK funders, which they send to support their (youths) Education, Medical and other needs. However, according to the dozier, Mr.Monk re-channels the said dimes into personal development, together with his ‘Gishu’ wife, a one Nabushawo Beatrice.

But Who’s Philip Monk?

Our Reporter Andrew Irumba (L) With Monk (M) And His Wife Beatrice During The Interview Last Tuesday In Mbale Town

Philip Monk is a 69-year-old British pensioner, who, upon reaching his retirement age, decided to spend the rest of his life in Uganda, having loved its beauty, peace and tranquillity, fauna and flora years back before he even reached his retirement. “I had already visited Uganda over twenty times, when I was still active, working with the Royal Mail, a postal service company in the UK. I worked as an IT manager. So when I retired, I said to myself, instead of watching UK TVs all day and night like most pensioners in the UK, watching different soaps till I go to sleep, I said I would make my remaining years on earth impact on humanity, and my brain connected to Uganda where I had visited many times before, and I realized I could add some value to humanity there,” Monk explained to this reporter.

In 2007, Monk arrived in Uganda and went straight to Mbale, East of the country.

Monk, who started playing the trumpet and other musical instruments at the age of 8 in the UK, before he became a musician and music teacher, decided that he would use his networks in the UK to start a music band in Uganda….and that’s how ‘Mbale Schools Brass Band’ was born!

Mbale Schools Brass Band.

Mbale Schools Brass Band was formed under a UK charity Organization, named  “Ugive2Uganda”  which Monk was running together with his new Ugandan bonkmate, Beatrice Nabishawo, a Mugishu, who splashed him with love and care, and made him forget the route plan to Queen’s land-UK! In Uganda however, it’s running as a community based Organization (CBO) based in Mbale.

According to available data which our reporter collected from their offices on Tuesday, in a period of 13 years so far, Monk, under his organization has sponsored over 500 Ugandan poor children in various schools, from primary up to university level. These children, most of whom join the Organization as music students from as young as 4 years, go through the ranks to become very important members of society, having attained Education up to University, courtesy of Monk’s connections in the UK.

Apart from school fees, Monk’s sponsors also support these children interms of scholastic materials, medical support, clothing, maintenance support for their poor parents among others. The sponsors, until recently, when a section of his bad-hearted ex-members he chased (will reveal the reasons for their exit below) wrote damn emails to the sponsors, were supporting all their charity works.

In fact, if you remember, that Brass band from Mbale which performed during Queen’s visit to Uganda (CHOGM) on 21-24 November 2007 was Monk’s Band and efforts. Monk has since promoted its art to international levels.

Allegations Levied Against Him:

1- Child Molestation: This investigator travelled to Mbale schools Brass Band and interfaced with the children the ‘whistle blowers’ alleged he molested. To our utter shock, these children have never heard such a thing exist, leave alone know the meaning. They in fact, revealed that Monk picked some of them on the streets and has since changed their lives by making them purposefully busy with Music lessons and the general school’s education calendar.  Kids even demonstrated for us the music lessons by playing the instruments to confirm that they were not brought overnight to stage-manage the scene, but rather that, they’re indeed music students.

Our Reporter Interrogating Students About The Allegations To Which They Feigned Ignorance About The Whole Saga

2- Not to just believe the kids because they’re kids, we went out of our way and interviewed some of the parents who had come to pick their children. These parents, in fact, let the cut out of the bag! They accused two former band boys of first, benefiting from the organization and later conspiring to kill it, to ensure no other fellow Bagishu children benefit from the same after they were kicked out over aggravated defilement of fellow young bandmates, thuggery,  cybercrime among other crimes.

“That stupid boy Isaac Nangoye defiled a band girl here aged 16 and later refused to take care of the baby and the girl. He took advantage of Monk’s absence. When Monk was away in the UK for a heart operation, he (Monk) left Isaac Nangoye in charge of the band and the general welfare of the students’ band, he used that chance of being the boss, drove to his home one of the youngest girls in the band called Sera Fatuma and raped her. She was 16 at the time. That boy even refused to take care of both the baby and the girl. As we speak now, they’re staying at Monk’s home. Monk is taking care of the baby and the mother, and yet this stupid boy is marauding around. Actually, their case (child custody and maintenance) is even before court this Thursday (last Thursday. It was extended to November 18 again),” revealed one furious female parent.

She continued thus; “Another stupid one accusing Mr.Monk is Mr. Wodonya Innocent. This confused fella, on June 14, 2016, Mbale grade one magistrate, her lordship Nantaawo Agness Shelah sentenced him to 8 months imprisonment, on his own plea over cybercrime! He admitted before court for having hacked into Mr.Monk’s emails, collected all the data about his sponsors and sent his sponsors very bad reports tainted with wild, incorrect allegations. The sponsors, as you know these whites, based on those allegations, stopped the sponsorships pending investigations. As we talk now, over 200 children so far have lost sponsorships and are now out of schools, courtesy of that confused stupid boy. So that’s why Monk chased him out of the Band, after finding out that he was stabbing him in the back.

But interestingly, both his accusers are beneficiaries of his good heart. They were all educated by Monk up to University, even the English they use to accuse him, he’s the one who paid for it! You see that’s the dilemma of poor upbringing. They feel other children shouldn’t benefit since they come from the same community. Just sour gripping”.

Some Of The Parents We Interrogated At The School

Girls Lined Up To Falsely Accuse Him Decline To Testify!

3- The ‘whistle blower’ who tipped our reporter also gave names of girls Monk allegedly slept with yet they were young, and in his care, something that would put his reputation into disrepute. However, this reporter reached out to most of them and they denied ever, even hearing Monk whisper to them anything related to sex.

They too accused the former Band members of bad-heart against the man of God, and greed for quick gains, yet the man they’re falsely accusing made them who they’re.

“I actually think those boys need to be checked first to ascertain their mental status. Some of those boys even would eat University fees and Monk’s wife, Beatrice Nabishawo would cover up for them and ensure they clear using Organization funds, but Beatrice would ensure Monk is not aware that the money used to re-pay their fees actually came from the Organization. Now they’ve forgotten that fast!” revealed Mutuwa Jackie, a former band member and graduate of business administration and now working with Eco Laboratories Mbale as an Admin.  The ‘whistle blower’ named Jackie as one of Monk’s ‘victims. However, Jackie distanced self and said she never saw or heard such things in her entire life at the band.

Mutuwa Jackie, One Of The Beneficiaries Of Monk’s Charitable Works Denied Any Knowledge About The Allegations,Yet They Had Presented Her As One Of The ‘Victims’. Monk Educated Her From Primary To University. She’s Now An Admin. At Echo Laboratories Mbale
Mutuwa Jackie On WhatsApp To Further Stress Her Point. This Was Few Hours After We Had Interfaced With Her In Mbale

Facts On Ground:

1- The three ‘whistle blowers’ (Isaac Nagoye, Innocent Wodonya and George Mutamba) who have become a small stone in Monk’s shoes are actually former band members he recruited himself, Educated up to university level but then, later on, became greedy and wanted to re-channel the organization sponsors to their own, when Monk got wind of the whole plan, he kicked the hell out of them.

2- Wodonya Innocent: This one even was presented before court, pleaded guilty of hacking into Monk’s sponsors’ database and later started writing emails to them, among other reasons, asking for funding to start up his own restaurant. But to achieve this, he convinced himself that he needed to first ‘put Sadolin on Monk’s reputation. By doing this, he thought, the sponsors would now believe him more and drop Monk, so that cash would start flowing through his personal accounts. But he forgot that apart from Monk being British, he had also made his name over time, didn’t just mushroom-like Wodonya wanted to do. To be exact, Wodonya was fired from the band in December 2015 over the above crimes which he pleaded guilty before court and was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment.

3- George Mutamba: Was kicked out of the band in 2014 after Monk discovered that the youthful band member had cut a copy-key of the Brass band bus. This malicious boy would then drive out the bus from the parking at night, after ensuring that Monk had returned home. He would crooze it all night long in Mbale Town, park it in the parking yards of the night clubs and do ‘gang-bonking’ with the rest of his peers he would collect. The bus became a mobile bonking-lodge, that sometimes ‘elininio’ stench would be felt in the wet chairs of the bus (You also know those Mbale girls after eating malewa).

However, one night, his small gods disowned him, while croozing from the night club, fully ‘charged’ (drunk), he was involved in an accident with a boda boda rider. They failed to agree, the bus was pulled to police, where Monk found it in the morning. That’s when he landed into George Mutamba’s trickeries which he had done for some time. Now, for his own wrong, after chasing him from the band, Mutamba has since joined Monk’s foes, baying for his blood. But just put yourself in Monk’s shoes, what would you do?

4- Isaac Nangoye: This one! Hahahaa! To begin with; Monk educated Nangoye up to the University level, even the English he uses to abuse him is courtesy of his good heart. He actually loved him more than other band members, that’s according to former members we interviewed. It’s even against that background that Monk, in 2017 when he was leaving for the UK for a heart operation, he left the band and finances of the band in Nangoye’s hands. He made him the boss in his absence. In other words, in Monk’s absence, one had to see Nangoye for any issues, not Monk’s wife, Nabushawo Beatrice!

Nangoye used that privilege badly, that’s according to fellow ex-members, coz one time he picked the company car in the evening, pretending to be going to pick something from his home, which required him another person’s help, and that person, Nagoye chose the then 16-year-old Sera Fatuma! Of all the elderly band members…..

According to Fatuma’s own confession, upon reaching home, Nangoye closed the door, removed his clothes and those of Fatuma before he forced himself on her! He did not only rape her, he defiled and impregnated her (aggravated defilement). As if that was not enough, Nangoye later refused to take care of both the baby and the girl.

In fact, Fatuma’s family in 2018, opened up a defilement case against Nangoye at Mbale CPS. Nangoye’s family requested to settle the matter at the family level, to which Fatuma’s family also agreed and discontinued to follow up the matter at the police, whose file was supposed to then be forwarded to court for further management.

In the family meeting, poor and malnourished-looking Nangoye, combined with his entire poor family, agreed to part with a paltry UGX 50,000/- per month as maintenance for both the baby and her mother, Fatuma Sera!

“We were not interested in asking for too much which we knew he didn’t have, we only wanted a small up-keep to help his own blood,” Fatuma narrated. But what shocked Fatuma’s family, after several months of begging and reminding, Nangoye literally failed to send even a penny! That’s after he got his police bond and agreed to contribute to the child’s welfare. This went on for years. The baby (Aisha Nanduga) is now 4 years old.

After a long period of time, left with nothing else to do, Fatuma this time round ran straight to the Chief magistrates’ court of Mbale, requesting it to compel boastful, careless Nangoye to give assistance to his own blood.  The case was filed in 2021.

Through her lawyers of Katende Ssempebwa & Co.Advocates, Sera Fatuma wants court to compel Nangoye to start paying monthly maintenance of shs500,000/-, custody of the child, among other demands.

Read part of the Suit before court below:

 Application For Custody & Maintenance Orders.

I Fatuma Sera of C/o M/s Katende Ssempebwa & Co.Advocates, P.O Box 2344 Kampala, being the biological mother of Aisha Nanduga, a child, do hereby apply for custody, maintenance orders and other order on the following grounds that;

  • The Applicant gave birth to the child of the said child Aisha Nanduga currently aged 4 yrs
  • The respondent is the father of the said child who has never extended any kind of child support since her birth in 2017
  • In the meantime, the respondent is threatening to take away the said child from the applicant
  • The respondent has neglected all forms of maintenance and provision for the child leaving the applicant to solely maintain and look after the child.

This matter is up for ruling this November 18 at Mbale Magistrates court.

Watch the space for more details on this whole saga in our next issue….. an accessible web community

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