Irish Man In Tears After Losing Multibillion Assets To Ugandan Bonkmate

Irish Man In Tears After Losing Multibillion Assets To Ugandan Bonkmate an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: A Ugandan woman has taught his mzungu bonkmate a lesson after winning a case declaring her as a rightful owner of multi-billion assets that were allegedly bought by her Irish man.

These took place in Mpigi Magistrate Court that declared Catherine Nakawooza as the rightful owner of a swanky house and 10 plots of land, including a farm worth billions of shillings that were allegedly bought by David Michael O’Connel but registered them under the names of the wife [Nakawooza].

In court, Michael O’Connel did all his best to prove to the magistrate that the money used to buy the assets were from his pockets something that Chief Magistrate Ruth Nabaasa dismissed saying, “Merely being the financier of a land transaction for which another person becomes registered as the proprietor is not one of the legally recognised exceptions to indefeasibility of title under the Registration of Titles Act.”

Seeming to have not understood the ruling very well, Michael O’Connel was further nailed, ”It seems moot and academic for this court to venture into analysing whether indeed it is the respondent’s funds (Mr O’Connel) that paid for the petitioners’ lands (Ms Nakawooza). I am aware that the petitioner (Ms Nakawooza) contested the nexus between the documentary evidence adduced by the respondent to prove that he was the source of funds for the petitioner’s land transactions, BUT;

“Nonetheless, owing to my findings in issue 2, I am satisfied that the residential home of the petitioner (Ms Nakawooza) where she ordinarily resides with her three issues, rightful belongs to her.  An order doth issue restraining the respondent (Mr O’Connel) from accessing this home without the petitioner’s prior permission.” Chief Magistrate Ruth Nabaasa banged the table.

Once Romantic Couple Turns Into Deadly Couple 

According to court documents, Michael O’Connel and Nakawooza fall into a romantic relationship in early 2002 and started to enjoy the fruits of Eden while staying together an action that awarded them three kids.

Now, according to Nakawooza, it’s during those romantic moments that the duo acquired a couple of real estate properties, which she registered in her name ‘but’ entrusted all the documents of title in the custody and care of Michael O’Connel.

Asked why allowed the assets to be registered under Nabakooza’s names, troubled Michael O’Connel revealed that since he is a foreigner, he was not allowed to purchase mailo land thus for the other decision something that the Court didn’t tolerate thus ruling in favour of Nakawooza and granted her the custody of their three children on grounds that they are still young. Meanwhile, Michael O’Connel has since announced that he is going to appeal against Chief Magistrate Ruth Nabaasa’s ruling. an accessible web community

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