Jamil Mukulu Withdraws Bail Application After ‘Anti-Islam’ Okalany Refused To Step Out Of His Case

Jamil Mukulu Withdraws Bail Application After ‘Anti-Islam’ Okalany Refused To Step Out Of His Case

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Former Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel leader Jamil Mukulu indicted with several counts of murder, terrorism and aggravated robbery, yesterday withdrew his bail application after Justice Susan Okalany refused to give up on Mukulu’s case

Last month, Mukulu asked Justice Okalany to step down from hearing the application saying that she [Okalany] has a bias against Moslems and therefore since he subscribes to Islam, he was not likely to get justice from Ms Okalany.

“I am not satisfied with you handling my case because you are anti-Muslim. Some time back you said you were afraid that Muslims wanted to kill you and it was captured in one of the local newspapers. You are a Christian and I am a Muslim and you cannot be fair in handling my bail application,” Mukulu argued last month.

However, yesterday in a 30-minute closed meeting between the judge, state lawyers and Mukulu’s lawyers at the International Crimes Division of the High Court, Justice Okalany said that she was not ready to step out from hearing the application since the allegations made by Mukulu were baseless.

Mukulu’s laywer Wameli submitted that in the morning he had an opportunity to talk to his client via zoom technology and he was instructed to withdraw the application.

“My Lord, this application is coming up for hearing and we were served with state objection yesterday afternoon. This morning we had an opportunity to talk to our client via zoom technology and he has instructed us to withdraw the application,” Wameli said.

Justice Okalanyi also responded, “In the given circumstances that the applicant has withdrawn his bail application, this court is left with only one option to dismiss the application for lack of prosecution. Counsel shall discuss with the registrar International Crimes Division of the High Court to fix the hearing of the main case within one month since it is already backlogged,” Justice Okalanyi said.

When given an opportunity to talk to his mother Ms Aisha Nakiyemba, Mukulu while weeping asked for forgiveness a moment that left other relatives who were present in tears.

In addition, Mukulu asked his lawyers to take his mother, children and wife to the headquarters of the National Unity Platform (NUP)  to register as members since he wants them to vote for the leader of the party, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Mukulu who is jointly charged with 34 other suspects is charged with murder, terrorism, murder, aggravated robbery, aiding terrorism, crimes against humanity, attempted murder, belonging to a terrorist organisation, among others.

He is battling charges together with Abdallah Sharif Ali Salim, Cpl. Alex Martin Engwau, Sgt. John Owori, Sheikh Ibrahim Badru Wanjala, Amis Adam, Abdul Malik Kabaale, Muzahamu Ndifuna, Ibrahim Kyessa, Yakubu Kyessa, Muhammad Muruya, and Abdallah Waniala.

Others are Abduswabul Kimbugwe, Muhammad Mbuya, Muhammad Kiryagana, Abdurahamani Muyaga, Muhammad Matovu, Omar Abdallah Mutuka, Amis Sowedi, Zaidi Kambo, Musa Kaala, Mansuudi Kisambira, Isa Kayira, Hassan Waswa, Abdallah Kirwani, Daniel Wanyama, Abdul Ddungu, Robert Wandera and Umayiya Kikomeko.

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