Jeff Orders Sheebah To Surrender Car, Property After Singer Flees Life Of Sex & Drugs

Jeff Orders Sheebah To Surrender Car, Property After Singer Flees Life Of Sex & Drugs an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The war between former Team No  Sleep  (TNS) singer Sheebah Karungi aka Swag Mama and her former manager Jeff Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa, has turned uglier after he reportedly ordered  her to return all the property she acquired under his music label.

The properties Kiwa wants Sheebah to surrender include a car, a Volkswagen registration number UBD   345M, her house in Munyonyo, copyrights for all her songs, land, social media accounts, among others.

Jeff Kiwa’s life is about Sex, Drugs and Money, just like his T-Shirt says, according to peng Peng

Ever since Sheebah quit  TNS and announced her own label Sheebah Establishments Ltd,  Spies intimate that the two no longer see eye to eye, because Kiwa keeps insisting that everything Sheebah owns belongs to TNS as a brand. 

It should be noted that Kiwa signed Sheebah to TNS in 2012 when she had split from Blu*3, a group in which she used to perform with Cindy Sanyu and Lillian Mbabazi.

He signed her up with fellow singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso, although he later quit the group and started up his singing team.

But while all that is going on, social media blogger Raymond Soulfa alias Peng Peng has claimed that embattled  Kiwa has for the past eight years been using singer Sheebah Karungi as a sex object.

Peng Peng, who is based in Sweden, revealed this in a video he posted on Facebook in a live stream on Monday.

The car that Jeff Wants Sheebah to surrender

Peng Peng also alleged that on top of being used as a sex object, the ‘Mwoyo’ singer was forced to become a drug addict and has since suffered lots of depression under Kiwa’s management.

“Jeff Kiwa is a bad man; he drugs Sheebah with expensive cocaine so that she could always put up a Beyonce-like performance whenever she is on stage. After the performance she goes back home when Kiwa is already waiting for her to have sex,” Peng Peng alleged.

“Due to drug abuse, Sheebah may end up like Jackie Chandiru who lost her career over the same,” he added.About  taking-over her house, Peng Peng assured Kiwa  to be considerate and leave the disputed property to Sheebah because the singer has suffered a lot under his management.

“At least he should leave her with the house, Sheebah has suffered for long. He should consider the time she has hustled for him.”

Over the weekend, Kiwa allegedly ordered the ‘Enyanda’ singer to vacate the Munyonyo based Mansion, although she is yet to comply with the order.

However, sources reveal that there are other men in Sheebah’s networks who were involved in bankrolling construction of the house, among them FUFA boss Moses Magogo.

It should be noted that a few years back singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso fell out with Kiwa and quit TNS unceremoniously after they disagreed over money.

Shortly after Pallaso quit TNS, late singer Emmanuel Mayanja alias AK-47, who was a TNS member, was brutally murdered at Kiwa’s De Javu Bar in Kabalagala. an accessible web community

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