Journalist Anatalia Oze Reveals Top Secrets Why She Is Quitting Juicy NBS TV Job For Politics

Journalist Anatalia Oze Reveals Top Secrets Why She Is Quitting Juicy NBS TV Job For Politics an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: It is no longer rumours that Next Broadcasting Services (NBS) TV’s finest celebrity Uncut Kalakata show presenter Nambooze Annet aka Anna Talia Oze is quitting her juicy job to contest for Lord Woman Councilor Rubaga North B.

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Anna Talia Oze At The Nomination Centre

However, thousands of her fans have been wondering what could have spiced up Anna Talia’s mind to turn down her services from her NBS, and it is against that background that she has come out through a statement seen by TheSpy Uganda to clear the air on her move towards the political arena.

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Through the statement, she developed an interest in politics because she believes she can create a positive impact in the community where she comes from and has since inspired a lot of youths through her charity works and most importantly the girl child.

Anna Talia With Some Of Her Supporters

Read Anna Talia’s Full Story Below;

“Ladies and Gentlemen

I salute you in the name of God Almighty. My name is Nambooze Annet but I’m commonly known as Anna Talia Oze. I am a wife, mother, daughter, and friend to many of you. In addition, I am also a teacher by profession and a journalist by training and practice. I am a Muganda by tribe belonging to Kobbe Clan. I love the Kabaka of Buganda and loyal to our kingdom.

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My life’s story is a story of Rubaga North. I was born and raised in Lungujja and Namirembe. I stayed with my parents Mr and Mrs Sebutinde in Kyobe Zone until I was taken over by my benefactor who doubles as my Grandfather the late Charles Kamwanga Busulwa (Director Alliance SSS). Therefore I have lived and worked in the other areas of Rubaga North.

Anna Talia Oze Press Statement. 

I went to Alliance SSS in Lungujja from 2005-2008 until I went to Old Kampala SSS where I studied my A level from 2009- 2010 and finally Makerere University where I attained a bachelors of Arts in Education (English and literature) I know what a day to day life of a resident in Rubaga North is. The struggle to afford the basic necessities of many of you was and is still my struggle. The fear to sleep into poverty, the raging issue of youth unemployment is still my fears.

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As a child growing, I have been exposed and experienced the plight of my people in Rubaga North. I know what it means to be born and raised in this constituency in every sense including the challenges of my people. I grew up in a very modest home that struggled and depended on hard work to survive. My father is a mechanic and my mum did odd jobs to raise us.

I know what it means to lack and I know what it means to work and raise a family in Rubaga. Also, I have experienced through family and friends first-hand the challenges of HIV, challenges of unemployment, and underemployment. I know what poverty means to many of us, I grew and lived through it. But my friends, I also know what grace means. I know why hope is important and I know that faith will take us places.

I choose to teach as a profession first because I come from a family of teachers that has educated thousands of students in Rubaga at Alliance SSS, secondly because I wanted to help in supporting and nurturing our children like I have seen my aunties do. My passion led me to journalism so that I could highlight the plight of the common person, the youth down there that needs a job to put food on the table, take a child to school, and access basic services.

That’s the reason I have decided to contest for the position of Lord Woman Councilor Rubaga North in the upcoming elections. In fact, I am not a messiah, I am not better than you but what I bring is the passion, love, and knowledge of my people in Rubaga North.

I want to be your voice, I want to raise awareness about the situation of our people, and I am hoping, working with you will help all of us bring the change we want. Also, I will strive to be your voice. In the coming days and months, I will be meeting many of you, sharing my dreams and hopes with you as your next Lord Woman Councilor. I look forward to hearing from all of you and planning with you. May the Lord bless you.” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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