Juliana, Segawa  Closeness Raises Eyebrows

Juliana, Segawa Closeness Raises Eyebrows

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By Spy Reporter

Kampala, Uganda: Celebrated musician Juliana Kanyomozi  is becoming very friendly with veteran actor John Segawa these days.

Juliana and Segawa

According to our Spies, Juliana is said to be spending  a lot of time with Segawa, more than she spends with any other person. Actually, Juliana recently featured Segawa in her new music video titled ‘Omukwano Ogwedda’, which is currently trending on airwaves. In the  music video in which she sings about the true love of old days,   Segawa and Juliana are seen seated on a brown leather sofa cuddling.  But away from the video, Spies intimate that the two have since cultivated a very strong friendship that necessitates one of them to keep checking on the other through social media or phone calls and at times they hang out together at exclusive city nightspots. We hope they are doing just music and nothing more!

Juliana has been off the dating scene for several years ever since she fell out with her publicly known lovers Kassim Ouma and Amon Lukwago, she has led a solo life. On the other hand, Segawa, who was some time back known as the ‘Ladies’ Wine’ in the social circles, has also  lived a solo life ever since he split with his baby mama Mariam Ndagire.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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