Just In: Ambassador Biriggwa Quits FDC Presidential Race

Just In: Ambassador Biriggwa Quits FDC Presidential Race

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Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu

Najjanankumbi, Kampala: The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential aspirant Ambassador Wasswa Biriggwa has quit the race hence the declaration of Patrick Amuriat Oboi as the party Presidential flag bearer for the 2021 general elections.

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Ambassador Biriggwa while declaring that he has pulled out of the race today at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, he said he would instead concentrate on reconciliation within the party and political actors from other parties.

“I am allowing Patrick Amuriat Oboi to carry on this. I have found him strong and he is going to give Mr Museveni a run for his money,” Biriggwa said.

In his speech after being declared the endorsed candidate, Amuriat announced Biriggwa as the running mate saying he (Biriggwa) is capable of being the deputy president of Uganda, “And therefore when I become the president next year, he will be my deputy president and this is serious. It’s not a joke.”

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Jubilant Amuriat went ahead to apologize to Biriggwa saying, “When Ambassador joined FDC, I didn’t believe in him. Even when he contested for the position of chairman, I didn’t trust him because I thought he would lead FDC to Museveni. I even de-campaigned him, but I was completely wrong. I have come to know him as an honest and reliable man who is the real leader of the party.”

This means that Biriggwa’s promises to Ugandans he made while picking nomination forms, lies in the hands of Amuriat among theses including the one he said If he is voted into power, he will ensure that all Ugandans are proud to be in their country.

Biriggwa said, “Tribalism is one of the most pressing issues in our country right now. When I become President, with your support, we shall eliminate every kind of it from our country.”

Meanwhile, before Biriggwa declared to face off with Amuriat, several reports indicated that party cadres had tried their level best to convince strongman and former party president, Dr Kizza Besigye to hold the party’s flag again in the 2021 general elections.

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Besigye, who has run against President Yoweri Museveni for four times later came out and declared that he was not ready to seek another term as the party president and declared that he was to focus on his plan B which he later described as mobilizing Ugandans for war aiming to oust President Museveni.

“We look for someone to lead our plan A” which entails running in the elections, but leave plan ‘B’ for me,” Besigye said.

He added that there is a whole wide range of fighting and fighting does not necessarily mean violence or going back to the bush saying that his plan B is supported by the country’s constitution, through Article 3, which gives citizens a right to fight for their freedom if it is not being granted.

”You can fight while sitting down. Our ancestors fought to get rid of colonial powers and we have also already been fighting for some time now and that’s why we have wounds. We have not taken out guns, but we have been fighting,” Besigye said.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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