Just In: Museveni Brother Sodo Aine Kaguta Declared Mawogola North Winner As Kuteesa’s Daughter Musherure Contests Results

Just In: Museveni Brother Sodo Aine Kaguta Declared Mawogola North Winner As Kuteesa’s Daughter Musherure Contests Results

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By Monica Kobusiinge

Sembabule: Godfrey Aine Kaguta Sodo has been declared as the winner of Mawogola North NRM party primaries after obtaining 17,343 votes (46%) while his closest contender, Shartsi Musherure Kutesa garnered 16,104 votes (42%).
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 According to the results announced Sodo Kaguta defeated his closest rival Shartis Kuteesa by 1239 votes. The NRM electoral commission chairperson, however, urged the winners and losers to reconcile to help develop the area. “The winner must appreciate others, try to build synergies and bring together Ssembabule,” he said.

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The election which was supposed to be held on September 4, was postponed twice over ugly scenes of violence between supporters of both Godfrey Aine Kaguta and Shartis Kutesa Musherure who are both close to the First family. To prevent any occurrence of the same, top security officials met on Monday to discuss ways of ensuring the election is peaceful.READ ALSO: You Will Vote After Eliminating Violence: Tanga Odoi Suspends Mawogola Elections Again

Consequently, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen.Muzeeyi Sabiiti and the CID Director, AIGP Grace Akullo camped in the area to oversee security.

On the other hand, the top NRM electoral commission chief Dr Tanga Odoi also personally camped in the area to monitor the situation in the volatile Ssembabule district.

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Earlier, Police mounted several roadblocks at all roads leading to the districts to prevent non- residents from taking part in the election after reports that some party members from other districts had been ferried to vote.

Voting was by lining up, as was the case with other areas where elections for the ruling NRM party flag bearers.

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However by close of Wednesday Dr Tanga Odoi had received a petition from Shartis Kuteesa Musherure challenging Sodo’s victory as NRM flag bearer for Mawogola North, he, however, requested her to give other candidates copies of the petition.

“I believe we have not been defeated. We have been cheated, but many times, the world over, we know that we should pick up our pieces, fight on and live another day to serve our country,” Musherure said immediately after the declaration of Sodo’s victory.

“So I will be submitting my petition covering 6 villages where I have major concerns and seeking the NRM Electoral Commission’s new judgement. I would like to assure my supporters that this is not the end of our journey,” she vowed.

However, when asked whether she will consider standing on an independent ticket in the 2021 general elections in case her petition fails to yield results, Shartis said all options remained on the table, “I will let you know what my decision is on that, “I wouldn’t like to say anything about that right now.” Musherure said

Shartis added she got zero elections at 6 polling stations which were shocking to her. “It’s impossible to not have at least some number of voters. So, a zero vote means that we did not vote and therefore we need to know why,” she added.

At Kikoma village which is one of the polling stations where she garnered zero votes, Musherure said she had polled 345 votes before NRM Electoral Commission chairman Dr Tanga Odoi nullified the results and ordered for a fresh vote adding that her supporters had already left the polling station by the time Tanga Odoi nullified the earlier results.

“So, I have written my petition to Dr Tanga Odoi’s office and I will seek his judgement on that,” she said.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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