Just In: Musoke Nagenda Appointed Interim C/man KACITA Replacing Late Kayondo

Just In: Musoke Nagenda Appointed Interim C/man KACITA Replacing Late Kayondo

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By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala: Following the sudden death of Kampala City Trader’s Association (KACITA) chairman, Everest Kayondo mid this year in June, the Association’s board has today Monday unveiled business man, Musoke Thadeus Nagenda aka Kenno Musoke as the interim Chairman-TheSpy reports.

Nagenda who has been the Association’s Secretary has been announced by the Vice Chairman, Hope Katwiine who noted that it has been a huge task to run the Association without the top leader.

”We have been battling a lot during this horrific moment following the sudden death of our committed leader late Everest Kayondo, but finally we came to a conclusion of unveiling Nagenda as our interim leader while we prepare for the official elections,” announced Katwiine.

After officially announcing him into the big office, seemingly determined Nagenda vowed to revive the late Kayondo’s agenda of ensuring a conducive working environment for all Kampala traders.

“I thank KACITA board for appointing me into this new office and I promise you, wait to see the Kayondo in me by ensuring that I uphold KACITA agenda and values,” vowed Nagenda.

He further noted that before anything else he wants to deal with key challenges affecting Kampala traders among them rent arrears accrued during 2nd lockdown which landlords are mercilessly demanding for.

“Our traders are currently struggling with a couple of challenges among them including rent arrears they are being squeezed to pay to landlords, am happy some landlords have been keen and waived off that rent but we are still engaging others to also be merciful to our traders who didn’t make any profit during that period rather made losses,” noted Nagenda before adding;

“Our traders have incurred a lot of losses brought by the lockdown and some are even unable to come back into the business because their goods in stock have expired.”

He also noted that they are negotiating with banks to revise their loan policies which he hopes will yield results in favor of traders.

Who’s Musoke Thadeus Nagenda?

Nagenda is a director of Ketra Giants, an electronic shop mainly dealing in phones and phone accessories on William street. He is also the director of Mpooma Royal College schools located in Mukono among other businesses. He is a talk show host on 90.4 Metro Fm on Martin road Kampala.

End Of Kayondo At KACITA

Everest Kayondo ended his journey at KACITA after succumbing to COVID-19 at Lifeline International Hospital in Zana, Kampala in June 2021.

Kayondo was a reknown businessman and an advocate for the rights of city traders.

Kayondo’s death came just two days after Private Sector Foundation-Uganda (PSFU) executive director, Mr Gideon Badagawa had also succumbed to the virus.

Who Was Kayondo?
Professionally, Kayondo was a teacher-turned entrepreneur/businessman. In between the two careers, he added on another qualification in accountancy. He was also a family man with grown up children who are all professionals in different fields.

How Did Kayondo Join Business Industry?

Late Kayondo said he ventured into business about three decades ago with initial capital of Shs30, 000 which he saved from transport refunds, teaching and book allowances that would be provided to students in higher institutions of learning by the then government.

Unlike his friends who invested their money in music systems, cassettes, and huge mattresses (bedding), he acquired a small stall in Masaka market where he sold merchandise ranging from toothpaste, shoe polish to plastic cups, among other manufactured products.
“My intention then was to supplement on the meager salary I was getting as a teacher at Masaka Senior Secondary School,” Kayondo said in one of the interviews when still alive.

“Before our salary was significantly increased in 1984, survival meant that a teacher would either moonlight—teaching in more than one school, or take both morning and afternoon teaching sessions to raise some more money,” he said.

Between 1986 and 1987, he graduated from a stall to a lock-up shop. In 1990, he moved to spacious premises in Masaka Town before making his way to Kampala City in 1995.

“I was dealing in ladies’ items such as cosmetics, necklaces and several other beauty items,” he added then. RIP.

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