Kabale District Court Clerk Arrested For Stealing Cattle!

Kabale District Court Clerk Arrested For Stealing Cattle!

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By Micheal Bitunga Atwakiire (TheSpy Uganda Correspondent Bunshenyi)

On Friday night around 2:45a.m, Kitagata Police station in Sheema district arrested the Bushenyi district court clerk Mr Tumuhairwe Jackson, a citizen of Rubindi sub County in Mbarara district on allegations of stealing cows at night using a vehicle Canter UAY 205 N.

Mr Nuwamanya Alfred, a resident of Ibanga village in Kitagata sub County told TheSpy reporter that he heard his cows at around 2:45 am alarming, when he went to check, he found his biggest cow missing. When he looked around he saw people at a distance running away, he followed them with a car and when they heard him alarming, they dropped his cow and took off.
He later blocked them and found them with a cow smeared with a herbal jelly on its mouth which stops it from alarming, he then called the police for re-enforcement.

Mr.Kemerwe Enos, the Kitagata sub County chairman said that more than 14 cows have been stolen in Kitagata sub County with in the last 30 days. He wanted the police to free the suspects for the angry residents to punish them but police refused.

Some of the complaints, residents of Kitagata and surrounding areas expressed their distrust and disappointment in Sheema police officers whom they accused of loving money more than prostitutes while doing their constitutional role.
According to eye witnesses, it is alleged that the police found Jackson with 6 million shillings in his shoes at the time of arrest but it has since gone missing.

“After sharing the 6m, the same police came and told us, after over seven hrs of waiting that the suspects are not thieves and they have never been involved in any sort of unlawlessness!” one resident was heard saying.

This left the complainants and residents of Kitagata crying like babies and cursing police to go to hell atleast.

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